Saturday, October 26, 2013

Children of divorce, 15 years of research.


Fathers rights groups claim the 87% sole custody rate to the mother is proof the courts are gender bias. If there is even a whiff the government will be the recipient of child support it goes from 87% to 100% proving the courts are not gender bias, they are tax bias.

The government has been clawing back child support claiming it as their revenue with 0 regard for the best interests of the child. The results are 2009, property crime record, 2010 gangs per capita record, 2011 child poverty record, 2012 dismal report on youth mental health all caused by our deadbeat governments greed for gold. On a global scale Canada is by far the worst offender with BC the worst of the worst.

Its undeniable and as the facts presented warrant the criminal charges listed.

no justice, no investment