Friday, September 14, 2012

selling the herd

The Journal switched over to comments linked to FB to clean up the comments by using Facebook names.
The previous comment section was one of the most informative and civil of any I've been on so I'm not buying the reason.
I've posted my blog and my recent  objection via Facebook so I've never hidden.
They switched over as an excuse to delete previous comments. The opportunity to say no one saw that coming the next time government would be faced with the truth needed to be preserved.
All the odds on a catastrophic spill from the gateway pipe was there. The real economic benefits of the Keystone pipeline was there. The false claims in favor of increasing raw resourse exports were all answered, with facts.
We live in a land rich in raw resources with the worlds best customer at our front door.
Those facts compelled me to write, government that backs exporting raw resources over value added is selling the herd because they're too lazy to cut the hay field.
They said there's no money in refineries even though refineries increased margins double to triple in the last few years.
They didn't have an answer why it was good for Canada to export raw and import finished products. The market is here and so could the jobs if it wasn't shipped half way around the world and back.
They said government needed the revenue to support our social programs. lol most Canadians feel they pay more than enough taxes so its more of a statement on governments fiscal management.
They said exporting eaw resources will bring the long promised prosperity. Alberta has been developing the oil sands for forty years and still spending money borrowed from our children. BC built hydro dams that powered up sawmills mines and smelters. Cheap power, lots of lumber and jobs created value added industries. Now BC exports raw logs, electricity and most concentrates along with a $1.1B deficit, to be paid by our children.
BC will save Albertans from themselves.
The journal dumped the comments because the government needs plausible deniability. Exporting raw resources is a bad environmental plan, a very bad economic plan and a disastrous political plan. Consider why government has quashed Charter rights based on where you live in order to push ahead..
Deleting the comments won't change the fact exporting raw resources is selling the herd when the population wants value added industries. The lastest story out if the PM is value added will require substantial investment by tax payers. That's not an excuse its an admission international investors rate Canada as unacceptable risk. Gen U is coming.
It certainly won't change no justice no investment.
We saw it coming even if government says no one did.