Thursday, April 26, 2012

end game

When I became became obvious the current government was supporting the courts in intentionally removing a parent, to the financial benefit of the justice industry, the most effective plan would be to restrict finances. As the creation of Gen U stems from failed federal policies the purpose is to force government, against their wishes, to fix the failed policies.
As of 2006 there has been 0 invesent in Canada in anything oyher than raw resources and currency speculation by the international investors. They basedthis decision on the science and our predictions of the coming of Gen U increasing long term downside risk.Not only are the results of those predictions in they are so bad the new government has concealed the real crime rate. They say there is no problem, no one did anything wrong.
This must change, if it takes the collapse of the parlimentary system remember they intentionally and knowingly created Gen U.
Should it require that extreme there is a contingency plan. A better and proven system of grass roots democracy, if it comes to that.

After 5 years of concealment by the new government its time to force the change. The final push to force change to the best interests of the child.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changing the hue

Simply this is about children. The predictions and results of failed federel policy.
Many would have you believe this is gender angst or a war on mothers.
The fact is only 5% of single parent children end up on the wrong side of the law. The creation if Gen U is not credited to thr 5%. Gen U is the creation of record numbers of parent denied children putting many more children into the 5% range. Add the increased number of and it moves up the scale higher than 5%. That added to the 5% is the problem.
Thats what needs fixing and and not motherhood. 

If the entire wall needs to collapes to fix it, children is are just cause.

The Wall

From Pink Floyd to Deep Purple and Smoke on the Water.
Nice to see everyone read the memo.

The Canadian government has built the wall and they are up against it. i anticipate they will likely get buried as they are in denial even with bricks falling all around them.
The lack of private investment on the Pacific Gateway trsnsformed it from PPP private public participation to PP, public only. international investors realised years ago investing in Gen U is extreme high risk. Even with the on going rejection of the Canadian TPP membership the politicians prefer the 'there is no problem defence.
They still have yet to address my accusations other than to ask the criminals to stop comitting so much crime. 
It must be obvious by now to all they have no defense against the facts or the results. So much crime they had to cook the numbers.

The wall is coming down, the smoke is on the water.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the message

from the canadian government, children dont need fathers, drop dead.
fathers get it. in 1987 after the charter of rights was enacted the supreme court ruled fathers have no rights.
with the single mother family leading the charge into poverty im still waiting for mothers to get it.
the message to mothers from government is clearly, we got what we wanted, drop dead.
not only are the results of the excessive, immoral, unconstitutional and often illegal use of sole custody are in, gang capital...
gen u is coming
we get it