Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Conservative government score card

After 6 years in power.
Growing government, record growth.
Government spending, spending borrowed money at record rate.
Unfunded liability, record high.
Investor confidense, value added prosperity, record low in everything other than raw resources.
Social justice, quashing Charter rights, cooking crime rate to hide results of failed policies.
Employment rate, poor.
Youth employment, sucks to be them.
Voter turnout, majority equals 25% of eligible.
Government abuse of power, "no one did anything wrong".

Private debt, record high.
Housing equity, mortage debt from $500B to $1T.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

who done it

Gen U In the 1990s it was recognized that youth problems (Gen U`s parents and older siblings) were on the rise. A joint commons senate report released in 1999 called `For the Sake of the Children` put great emphasis on statistically the most important thing to a child of divorce was not losing a parent. The federal minister of justice, Anne Mclellan issued a statement that she would personally instruct the provincial AGs to abide by the report. In the years that followed not only did the courts take sole custody to its highest historical level it also flatly refused to address the historic number of parent denied children through denied access by disregarding multiple court orders. Somewhere between the federal justice committee and all the provincial courts abiding by the report as the best interests of the child there was a failure. MP Vic Toews was the Manitoba justice minister at the time but no one has asked him, was he instructed, did he instruct the courts or did the courts ignore the intent of the law? This obvious obstruction of justice, either solely or conspired, damaged literally hundreds of thousands of children creating Gen U. As 5% of single parent children make up 4 out of 5 troubled youth, prison inmates etc. increasing the number in BC from 100,000 single parent children to 300,000 has quadrupled the amount of troubled youth and the associated crime. Vancouver has the highest number of contested divorces in Canada, the highest sole custody rate and number of parent denied children. Not by any small coincidence it has the highest property crime rate in North America which has attracts the highest number of gangs per capita than any other place on the face of the planet. Because the federal government erroneous stated child support and not losing a parent is the most important thing to a child of divorce and BC collects the second highest they deny they created a huge problem, although they did respond stealthily by cooking the crime rate to hide what they have done to the parents of Gen U. The magnitude of the crime committed as weighed by the sheer damage done to the enormous amount of victims warrant criminal charges of obstruction of justice to abuse of power. Its not motherhood that needs fixing, it`s the courts... Its unfortunate the federal government is melting down over its failure to manage value added prosperity from our nature resources rather than for the crimes they have committed that have resulted in Gen U. A pipeline, really? Phoenix only needs ashes, what started the blaze in of no consequence. no justice, no investment

Monday, August 13, 2012

one short step in a very long journey

Our difference, our advantage over the rest of the animals is our ability to communicate. The ability to pass on information to others and future generations over tens of thousands of years created the intelligence used by today's society.
The information is contained in this blog.
Communicate it.