Monday, June 25, 2012

sailed the sea to land and didnt fall off the edge

With no options left its unlikely consideration to fixing the failed policies that cteated Gen U is on the list of outcomes.
The best outcome and still the best interests of the child is presumed joint physical custody.
its an unlikley outcome as its more than a decade late. A lot more would have to be done to just to avoid some of the negative aspects of Gen U. Given the strength of defence to date moreover the strength of denial to date, no one did anything wrong, and their refusal to explain why the crime stats were cooked I dont believe the government will act on the results of failed policies.
History shows the government would rather meltdown than try to get something right they have gotten wrong.
The other options look worse and so do the polls so really they might not gain much if they do the right thing but they certainly wont lose as much. Yet oddly enough the worst choice is always first choice.
Its going to be a hot summer so Im chilling and hopefully, Im hoping, a great autumn.

Thanks all


Sunday, June 17, 2012

not hoped for but expected

Bill C-38 2012 as a budget and govrrnments push reads desperation and not prosperity.
The notion that after 40 years of developing the oil sands more is good while Alberta is spending borrowed money isnt in the least believable.
Value added brings prosperity but its been rejected in favor of exporting raw bitumen. The only reason given was a concern for the environment, increasing GHG through value added would harm our international reputation,,, i guess.
Making it someone elses problem is sctually producing more GHG than value added. Definetly not a believable reason to omit value added from the budget in favor of liquidating raw resources.
As previously noted investors in anything other than raw resources and currency speculators has been
absent since 2006. Value added requires investment.
I rather hoped government would see the wisdom of engaging in fixing their failed policies before now.
as expected they would prefer, as
history shows,
meltdown before changing.

update on 'War as an Investment' in 2007 posted to
Russia and China are both increasing military spending while increasing influence in Syria Iran Afghanistan and othet places that have American influences.
Are the 5000 F-35s good planning?

Sry im not impressed either and im out of sugar coating.
Enough of the expected I'll check fir some hope.