Friday, July 18, 2014

Background to petition on behalf of the children of divorce

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Dec 28 2014

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eyes Closed

Even the speculation child poverty is just a rant of the disgruntled has lost all substance.

The answer to the last line of a paper submitted, the asteroid is government using sole custody to fatten its coffers.

January 10, 2014
Children of Divorce

The draft of the final federal report on children suggested child support was the most important thing to children of divorce. The child poverty rate was 1 in 10 but as the majority of child support was paid the cause of such a high rate of poverty wasn't expanded on. The majority of child support in BC is still paid yet in 2009 Vancouver hit record high property crime that attracted the most number of gangs per capita in 2010. As the primary indicator of youth problems the high child poverty rate and resultant youth problems was not being affected by the majority of child support paid.

Although the child poverty rate leading to record crime in 2009 was 1 in 10, in 2011 it was reported at 1 in 7. These children will be turning street age in 2015 and one can presume an even higher amount of youth problems. Unfortunately the child poverty rate in 2013 was reported at 1 in 5 with no plan or even discussion by government on how to deal with what can easily be seen as a coming catastrophe already forming.

Other indicators such as parent denied children also increase youth problems but not nearly as much as poverty, again record limits have been reached. Following a federal 1999 joint Commons Senate report (For the Sake of the Children) on the damage sole custody was having on children family court took sole custody to its highest historical rate of 94%, against the recommendations of the federal justice committee.

Combining a record number of parent denied children with rather astonishing 1 in 5 child poverty rate should have the urgency of an asteroid heading for Ottawa.


Robert Smith

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Generation U


Gen U

Turning street age in numbers in 2015 what Gen U will be facing.

Record numbers raised in poverty with mostly poor parents and not wealthy boomers today's youth have. Government debt. Crumbling infrastructure, climate change and closing in on peak oil. Continuing unemployment along with coat of education while value of employment down.

Last jobs report showed 11 thousand full time jobs replaced with 5 thousand part time compounded with 81% of boomers planning on working or only semi-retire sucking up even more youth opportunity. Crime will continue to increase surpassing 2009 record property crime and most gangs per capita than anywhere in 2010.

Outnumbered by seniors for the first time health care costs will be more than the last straw.

Why,,, a decade ago the child poverty rate was 1 in 10, child poverty is the primary reason for youth involved with law resulting in the records being dramatically broke.

The last record shattering rate in 2010 was 1 in 7. Just a couple of years later its now 1 in 5.

Single mother families are leading the charge into poverty even though 85% of child support is paid in BC. The number of children on welfare is close to the poverty numbers, no surprise. Taking sole custody to historic highs a decade ago has now resulted in record child poverty and I repeat 85% of child support is paid in BC. The poverty is caused because the child support paid is clawed back by government as some sort of fee for being on welfare. Its not going to our most vulnerable children leaving them no better off than the children in the 15% that isn't paid child support.

The 2000 1 in 10 making up our current batch of troubled youth are the parents or older sibling of Gen U, the 1 in 7 batch turning street age in numbers in 2015.

I have no idea what to call the 1 in 5 batch other than scary.

While we don't need the explanation, gender bias, tax bias, Madonna complex or judges using an abundance of caution, the fact is the system created Generation Upurs and we should want to know how the government plans to deal with it. Over ten years ago using current information and data I predicted we will be raising a generation of homicidal youths. Now we have a gang capital title, close enough Ive been told. Gen U is very real, very big and its going to be very bad.

Its really that simple, what is the plan for the victims, Gen U?

Bigger prisons or ???

While its nice to see the interest in my blog by the authorities I have to chuckle at the obvious response. "no one did anything wrong", yes we know that's how the system works, that's what this blog is about, how the system works.

This is not doing anything wrong.
The sum total of the economic action plan is a pipeline.

The Northern Gateway Pipeline is intended to fuel Asia with raw bitumen and is touted as the economic driver for decades by government, and business and bankers. RBC retiring CEO Gordon Nixon, in support of the NGP, stated the record wage and wealth gap over the last decade is a myth.

Here's what's in it for BC.

A 1000 kms of pipeline through the landslide capital of Canada while increasing tankers traffic several times along difficult coastal waters overdue for a major earthquake and the inevitable tsunami. In return the 'estimated' tax revenue is $40 million/year against the provinces current debt of $64 billion. The province retains several times that much in child support.

For future reference weigh the certain major ecological disaster for $40M/year against the results of record child poverty for several times that much, and even knowing that like the inevitable ecological disaster, the millions in child support pocketed now will cost billions,,, and the bill is in the mail. Have fun with that fact and finding comfort in government stating no one did anything wrong. 



Saturday, October 26, 2013

Children of divorce, 15 years of research.


Fathers rights groups claim the 87% sole custody rate to the mother is proof the courts are gender bias. If there is even a whiff the government will be the recipient of child support it goes from 87% to 100% proving the courts are not gender bias, they are tax bias.

The government has been clawing back child support claiming it as their revenue with 0 regard for the best interests of the child. The results are 2009, property crime record, 2010 gangs per capita record, 2011 child poverty record, 2012 dismal report on youth mental health all caused by our deadbeat governments greed for gold. On a global scale Canada is by far the worst offender with BC the worst of the worst.

Its undeniable and as the facts presented warrant the criminal charges listed.

no justice, no investment


Friday, August 30, 2013


As mentioned the global economic conditions are building up to the usual historic result, war, putting the thief of hundreds of millions in child support in the smoke.
SS Kerry just gave a long lecture on how its american tradition to respond to evil doers. In this case its missiles followed by preferable, a diplomatic solution.
The holdup in any response is the UN who's job it is to respond. The problem is obviously the UN.
The diomatic solution should come ahead of slapping Assad around. The diplomatic solution, invite the UN to move (not to Canada). Then they can repair their economy with WW3.
I'm still waiting for the US to slap Israel around for phosphorus and cluster bombs.
How about slapping Canada around for forcing hundreds of thousands of children to live in poverty to support government spending, or thievery depending on the hand that's out.
The PM just gave a big speech on protecting children, not a word about record child poverty because that says our children need protection from him. Well see what he has to say when Gen U turns street age over the next decade.
lol maybe the crime rate will be down to 1915 levels by then.

Friday, August 23, 2013

No justice yet.

After the 1999 report for the sake of the children the minister of justice, under instructions from the federal justice committee, was to meet with provincial AGs to guide family court away from sole custody to lessen the trauma to the child in losing a parent. In the years that followed the courts took sole custody to historic highs. The results of what is nothing short of massive child abuse are in and just, if not worse than predicted in the government report.

Vancouver BC. 2009 property crime capital of north america, even though only 5% of single parent children get in trouble, its 80% of youth in trouble, 80% of prison inmates etc. Double sole custody and the crime rate goes up by 80%. The following year the spike in crime attracted more gangs per capita than any other place on the planet. 2011, a dismal youth mental health report and historic child poverty. The child poverty is a result of government clawing back child support.

The governments response hasn't changed, no one did anything wrong yet refuse to address the charge of using sole custody to create government revenue by clawing back child support, on a massive scale.

Over a dozen years ago I started an internet campaign to expose the ruthless methods the Canadian government employs to increase revenue an the backs of our most vulnerable children for those that recall. A little further along the evidense the crime rate has been cooked is posted. The latest puts the crime rate at 1972 levels. The equation that explains planning mega prisons. 
Double sole custody, double the crime and double the governments vig. The real crime rate would instantly the perps.
Presume joint physical custody or handcuffs? Maybe both if they keep denying they are the root cause of child poverty, a greedy dead beat government.
no justice no investment

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

enemy list

A leaked memo outlines the governments list of enemies. I'm sure we've all noticed the latest child poverty record has gone unnoticed by government. I've known I've been an enemy of the state as soon as I refused to step down as a father. Its pretty disgusting that the million children living in poverty the government claws back child support from are also being treated like enemies.
The big ugly brute holding your children up by the ankles shaking out any lose change is the tax man.