Friday, August 30, 2013


As mentioned the global economic conditions are building up to the usual historic result, war, putting the thief of hundreds of millions in child support in the smoke.
SS Kerry just gave a long lecture on how its american tradition to respond to evil doers. In this case its missiles followed by preferable, a diplomatic solution.
The holdup in any response is the UN who's job it is to respond. The problem is obviously the UN.
The diomatic solution should come ahead of slapping Assad around. The diplomatic solution, invite the UN to move (not to Canada). Then they can repair their economy with WW3.
I'm still waiting for the US to slap Israel around for phosphorus and cluster bombs.
How about slapping Canada around for forcing hundreds of thousands of children to live in poverty to support government spending, or thievery depending on the hand that's out.
The PM just gave a big speech on protecting children, not a word about record child poverty because that says our children need protection from him. Well see what he has to say when Gen U turns street age over the next decade.
lol maybe the crime rate will be down to 1915 levels by then.

Friday, August 23, 2013

No justice yet.

After the 1999 report for the sake of the children the minister of justice, under instructions from the federal justice committee, was to meet with provincial AGs to guide family court away from sole custody to lessen the trauma to the child in losing a parent. In the years that followed the courts took sole custody to historic highs. The results of what is nothing short of massive child abuse are in and just, if not worse than predicted in the government report.

Vancouver BC. 2009 property crime capital of north america, even though only 5% of single parent children get in trouble, its 80% of youth in trouble, 80% of prison inmates etc. Double sole custody and the crime rate goes up by 80%. The following year the spike in crime attracted more gangs per capita than any other place on the planet. 2011, a dismal youth mental health report and historic child poverty. The child poverty is a result of government clawing back child support.

The governments response hasn't changed, no one did anything wrong yet refuse to address the charge of using sole custody to create government revenue by clawing back child support, on a massive scale.

Over a dozen years ago I started an internet campaign to expose the ruthless methods the Canadian government employs to increase revenue an the backs of our most vulnerable children for those that recall. A little further along the evidense the crime rate has been cooked is posted. The latest puts the crime rate at 1972 levels. The equation that explains planning mega prisons. 
Double sole custody, double the crime and double the governments vig. The real crime rate would instantly the perps.
Presume joint physical custody or handcuffs? Maybe both if they keep denying they are the root cause of child poverty, a greedy dead beat government.
no justice no investment