Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its politics as usual.



As usual MSM and the politicians, and government agencies have found this report on child poverty to damning. Even with the leadership races and elections going on this very real issue has been blacked out. Not even a reply or comment, Dr. Millar.


Dr. John Millar, spokesman for the Public Health Association of B.C. and a First Call member, said British Columbia's lack of a co-ordinated and dedicated strategy to reduce child poverty is a "disgrace."



Robert Smith (





Quebec tied BC in child poverty but collects the highest % of child support with BC in second.
Although statscan doesn't count it because they don't want the numbers driving the crime rate, BC has the highest property crime rate in NA. This had attracted the highest number of gangs anywhere in the planet.
Curiously enough BC also has the highest sole custody rate with the highest number of parent denied children. Single patent families as the study suggests are leading the charge into poverty.
Perhaps if the province didn't collect and retain as revenue all child support paid to single parents on welfare.
I'm not aware of the extra allowed income for welfare recipients but I'm sure child support won't be included, its difficult for any government to give up revenue.

All the information and more is publicly available and on my blog.
Robert Smith
Chilliwack BC



John Millar (



Too many Robert Smiths - how do I find your blog? Cheers John



Robert Smith (



To: John Millar

Gday John

Like any blog starting from the oldest post works best.
I can sum up the information that should interest you the most.
Single parent families are leading the charge into poverty. Its no surprise that the highest some custody rate with the highest number of parent denied children has already given Vancouver 2 crime titles but 80% of children in poverty in BC live in Vancouver.

If you care to dig you'll find that the sole custody rate for mothers on welfare, excluding homicidal drug addicts is 100%.
The father is automatically paying child support. The catch, the mother's are forced to sign over the rights to child support to the province before they get a check.
The father is now paying an extra tax as its considered revenue, the children shows lives are supposed to be improved by child support never see a dime extra.

The governments of Canada are using sole custody to generate revenue, its a tax grab, on the backs of the most vulnerable children.

I have listed the criminal charges I feel appropriate.

Robert Smith

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Child support isn't for all.


BC is tops in the G 7 economies and is tops in child support collected. As much as 1/4 billion a year goes straight into governments pocket. The result is a child poverty record.

The following is an account of Maximus collecting an unconstitutional tax for government on the backs of our most vulnerable children. The result is Gen U.

Child support might be claimed as for the children but the collection agency focuses on funds destined for government pockets and not the children. Maximus expends its majority of resources collecting the governments cut of child support paid while those it would help are ignored.

While I expose the often unlawful methods used to collect the governments cut of support paid, from denying drivers licenses to passports to jail, another blog is dedicated to how Maximus is not collecting for those that would receive support paid, because it wouldn't be withheld as they're not on state assistance.
So much for the myth its just a bunch of disgruntled fathers trying to get out of paying child support.


Here's their story, btw her blog was hacked.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maximus works to push people onto government assistance by not collecting child support.


robert smithHYPERLINK "" \l "c7361628697917870645"February 12, 2013 at 12:12 AM
Most of the child support collected is retained by the province. An underachieving collection agency is really more smoke than fire because the money never gets to the kids, its just lost revenue to the government.
The real story is how the BC courts rule sole custody 100% of the time even if there's only a possibility the family will be on state assistance.
The real tragedy is setting a record child poverty rate in BC with a top economy and tops in child support collected. Revenue to government, $250m+ on the backs of our most vulnerable children.
The government needs a plan to deal with Gen U.


MichelleHYPERLINK "" \l "c4268068768622173784"February 12, 2013 at 11:02 AM
It is such a sad thing that the government system is working hand in hand with this corrupt company to sabotage our children's futures. We have the same problem here, I am not sure why our governments have decided to tie our children to the grindstone of taxing them to death, and making them pay for all of this. It is so sickening to me, and almost seems impossible to fight. I suppose we will just have to keep writing about it, and keep it out there for people to see. Keep up the good writing, Robert! :)

robert smithHYPERLINK "" \l "c4322582825234774100"February 16, 2013 at 12:34 AM
I'm assuming it was an outside hack which presents an obvious list of suspects.
No one here is against child support, only how its applied and collected,,, also there's not much support for the bulk not for the children but government.
Its only government that wants to keep the child support, everyone else wants it to go to the kids.
Government will withhold drivers licences, passports and even use the jails to collect a tax, hacking your account fits their mo.
Like the dark ages the power sits at the head of the table, the kings right hand is the justice system, the left the popular living inside the castle walls.
Not the king, not the judges that go to length to create an unlawful tax or the sheriffs that collect it or the inner circle of pampeted residents of the
castle getting fat off it would find
favor in losing that much lucrative income, even if it is an unconstitutional tax.
The big ugly brute holding our kids up by the angles shaking any change out is the tax man.
The result id Gen U, kinda curious on how governments plan on dealing with them.
My government cooked the crime rate to hide previous results but Gen U will be too big to lie about. They know it so they're build more and bigger prisons.
Hella of a way to silence the victims, locking them up, fits the mo.


MCHYPERLINK "" \l "c3791512137063973448"February 16, 2013 at 7:58 PM
@Robert Smith, I thought of that, I am almost sure that is who it is, I do know where the hack came, let's proceed forward everyone. Thanks so much. Please be patient with me on responding to comments, as I do have a life outside this blog, and cannot always respond, or be on here, when comments roll in. I appreciate all my readers very much. :) MC






Sunday, February 3, 2013

are we there yet

This blog is really all about the kids and their future.
Their future isn't good enough.
With tens of trillions in excess liquidity in the global financial system coupled with unsustainable debt the outcome could be WW3 but even the best if possible outcomes isn't acceptable.
Just a portion returned to assets as a hedge against inflation could well jump to hyper.
Long term secure investment is the growth factor required to create enough inflation to bail out sovereign debt without putting consumers to death, (tax payer).
That investment needs to be as big as a global transportation makeover.
Gen U is coming so the choice is continue with 'no one did anything wrong' until forced to be accountable?
Hyper inflation WW3?
Global transportation makeover that will move the planet into the future?
Another election?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Warning, species at risk.

Its time to answer, are you human.

I might have an axe to grind.

As a polio child my grade 8 hand writing made it easier to be a logger at 50 kilos and 15 years old than passing English. Starting out on a wooden tree and heel boom show until I was old enough to lie about my age and work underground to surface construction I was determined to be good enough at as many jobs as I could. lol I suspect so Id never have to go back to school and suffer through another english class.

In the middle of all the physical labour I took a crash trig course and landed a spot in the underground surveyor dept. I eventually set up and ran an engineering dept until the property was just shy of production. I had it in mind to finish my career supervising jobs following successful rock super jobs with three 4 lane highway construction jobs and the port of prince rupert expansion in 1989.

I did it by slowing down to a 60 hr work week only when my body was desperate for a rest. The completion of the sea to sky project would have been my official retirement.

As it turns out I cant afford to even grow old so I haven't wasted much time on retirement planning other than a warm beach after all the years of pain it took to even be assured of a little warmth.

Do I have an axe to grind?

Gen U will not be hidden.

At that time a list of perpetrators and their connection to the abuse that has lead to the first few blog posts will be released.

Do you want me to release it,,,,,,Determining whether im grinding or grindingly human is your answer.