Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The End

The end is Gen U.
They should have listened a decade ago but instead government pushed its agenda even faster.
We're just fathers, enemies of the state. Demonized with public funds, intimidated by the police, treated like criminals by the courts, ignored by politicians and abused by the system. Our voice silenced by the state to hide a massive unconstitutional tax collected on the backs of our most vulnerable children.
The end, a massive record number of parent denied children, the result, Gen U.
Gen U
Turning street age in 2015, mostly from record single parent families leading the charge into poverty and not the current wealthy boomer parents
Two crime titles in two years, the parents and older siblings of Gen U followed by a child poverty record that is Gen U.
Seniors outnumbering. Racking up record debt only 19% of boomers intend on fully retiring, increasing lost youth opportunities, 73% of Toronto students are very worried about their future.
Chronic youth unemployment following the failing global colonial debt fueled economic system.
Climate change, peak oil, doubling the current $100B Canadian infrastructure deficit.
 When faced with record sovereign debt and told to put on the yoke Gen U will say upurs.