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In many cases when a father isn't making a full payment they suspend that persons drivers licence. It could be that persons hours are cut due to seasonal or economic circumstances as is common in rural areas. For that person without a DL getting to and from work sketchy if not impossible. Consequently by removing this persons right to work the father cant make any payments. If the mother wasn't on welfare with partial payments odds are she would be without any payment. This is a common occurrence The `manufacture` of a very large number dead broke dads compared to real dead beats costs the mother and certainly decreases both the top and bottom line of Maximus.

In my case Family Maintenance Enforcement (FMEP) contracted out to the Canadian subsidiary, Themis, took it upon themselves to write letters to my previous employers. For a company hiring a crew putting someone in the works that loses 50% of their paycheck, before taxes, isn't a good choice for many obvious reasons.
I can supply many letters of reference I gathered from said previous employers showing I was at the top of the rehire list. After FMEPs letters I barely got in the front door. One personnel manager told me "no one will hire you".
By denying me my right to work when I was out of the work force with cancer I was only able to pay very little, the amount the mother of my children and my children lost is quite large. Tally that with all the other "manufactured" dead broke dads and the effects of both the top and bottom line. Company policies as currently expressed by the large number of manufactured dead broke and increased number of mothers and children on welfare can't be good for investor confidence as we move forward.

Second, close association with illegal activities.

Rules, bah we don't need no stinkin rules.

In Canada you do not need to apply for CPP till you are 60 years old.

Usually the people that falsify government documents defend their actions by saving "another disgruntled father trying to get out of paying child support".
Having the unfortunate experience of a loss of fine motor control my hand writing was not considered writing by a very English teachers ruled school so I went logging at 115 lbs and 15 years old.
At 17 I told a mine I was 18 so I could work underground. Working logging in the summer for the money and working the mine in the winter I worked my way through every logging job save grading road. In the mines I spent several years doing every job save diamond drilling. I even took a crash course in trigonometric functions to land an underground surveyors helper job. In a matter of a few years I set up an engineering office for a new mine. I got the job because I was the only person working in engineering, I was hired by recommendation of the retired mine super where I first hired on as a helper.
I switched in 1975 from logging in the summer to heavy construction, drilling and blasting. I have held several rock superintendent jobs including the 1989 port expansion in Prince Rupert BC.
Top of the rehire list to "no one will hire you". I think Canada could treat its serious cancer patients with a little more compassion, ah well thats just me,, and that's Maximus.

Human Resources, administered by the BC government forced me to sign the papers by withholding my pension check until I signed when I was 59, even though I told them they were not complying with the law. They forced me because FMEP would collect perhaps as much as $200 more than had I signed legally at 60. Its important to me as my total income is just over $9000/year but its more important to you.
The effect on investor confidence that Maximus policies are not working as advertised but also is associated with unlawful activities would make me run for cover. The first set of pages show I put "under duress" on every signature line before signing. The evidence of the illegal no sign, no check policy. The next was kindly presented to me from my file thanks to one of the staff. Notice it says I was happy about signing. First they break the law then they falsify government documents to hide what they did.
I've repeatedly asked FMEP why they would take away my right to work when I clearly couldn't work, seems they are stuck on either suggesting family court to answer the question or just reply "message noted".
If Maximus won't answer the question there must be a reason they won't,,, is Themis out of control could this be a bad economy to have this come to light?
From my extensive research the number of dead broke parents as the result of policy such as rules or even the rule of law is large enough for a noticeable affect on both top and bottom lines but the association to the pursuit of policy through illegal methods is the bigger picture.

Bankers lost trust for issuing sub-prime mortgages, how much confidence would they have lost had they been involved in manufacturing false documentation supplied to the government.

3 government `under duress` docs and the falsified doc.

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