Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I saved the following company statement in 2003.

"Our partnership with State of Georgia to help children and families remains strong with this contract award. We know that because of our child support collections efforts assist families in achieving self-sufficiency and remaining free of public assistance," said MAXIMUS CEO, Dr. David V. Mastran


I wrote asking for the raw data on how many families " in achieving self-sufficiency and remaining free of public assistance,". With no reply I began an investigation on the accuracy of the companies ability to deliver on the advertised results. Without MMS cooperation but with a sizeable international fellowship supplying documentation the statement is bogus. Of all the groups of various agendas I've contacted I've not received one report on one single family achieving self-sufficiency through the efforts of any collection agency operated by MMS. The number of reports of the payor not being able to pay as the result of MMS policy resulting in a loss to the payee and fees associated to MMS is astronomical. How can anyone trust a company that unabashedly lies on the companies stated purpose by misrepresenting the actual results.

How can any company involved in government contracts from the Dept of Justice to the Dept of Defence trust Maximus. I'll soon be asking that question to the companies, past, present or future involved with Maximus.

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