Sunday, September 11, 2011

The deep of it

Its far too easy to phff the following practices I'm showing. We've heard it all, children don't need fathers, children are resilient, the most important thing to a child of divorce is child support. All are not true, proven false in fact, the results of out of control practices by Maximus backed by unlawful practices are in.

First in the provinces that collect the most child support have the most problems with youth. Ten years ago BC had 50,000 single parents with 100,000 children. While the rate of troubled youth from single parent families is only 5% creating 5000 repeat young offenders etc then the current practices have expanded that base to 15,000. The provinces that have the most parent denied children are in the same category. The worst province is BC where it was first declared as the property crime capital of NA, 4 times higher than NYC. That record crime rate has attracted the highest number of gangs per capita than any other place on the face of the planet, so much for children are resilient.

If you write off the fact there are places in Canada where more fathers commit suicide over losing their children than breast cancer kills women then at least have some commitment to the children.

Crime is so far out of control the Canada government has manipulated the numbers to falsely show the crime rate is down to protect corrupt organizations like Maximus as the government gets its cut.

Its the minor crimes that have attracted the global record number of gangs but Canada ignores it.


The index compensates for the high volume of minor crimes that comprise the bulk of offences committed seen in the crime rate, said Melchers. "You don't want these minor offences, because of the shear size of their number, to drive the crime rate."

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