Monday, June 25, 2012

sailed the sea to land and didnt fall off the edge

With no options left its unlikely consideration to fixing the failed policies that cteated Gen U is on the list of outcomes.
The best outcome and still the best interests of the child is presumed joint physical custody.
its an unlikley outcome as its more than a decade late. A lot more would have to be done to just to avoid some of the negative aspects of Gen U. Given the strength of defence to date moreover the strength of denial to date, no one did anything wrong, and their refusal to explain why the crime stats were cooked I dont believe the government will act on the results of failed policies.
History shows the government would rather meltdown than try to get something right they have gotten wrong.
The other options look worse and so do the polls so really they might not gain much if they do the right thing but they certainly wont lose as much. Yet oddly enough the worst choice is always first choice.
Its going to be a hot summer so Im chilling and hopefully, Im hoping, a great autumn.

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  1. Historic
    The NDP defined as left to far left pulled ahead of the majority government. The comes on the heels of the BC NDP sitting in opposition hit record high popularity.
    The latest polls indicate 75% of Canadians do not agree with the government. The governments response is to launch an attack ad against the NDP who even with the highest popularity only have a small margin over the government with the none of the above factored in.The government believes beating up on the opposition is dealing with the 3 out of 4 Canadians losing trust.
    Perhaps another historic moment, the last choice is the worst.

  2. The current growth idea of the G-20, bailing out EU banks looks like a whirlpool.
    When the US bailed out the banks the excess liquidity sent markets on a bull run. As the whirlpool sucked down all that cash the labour participation rate and housing and in Canada value added all got sucked down with it.
    When spendulous came out it was advertised as just a US sub-prime problem. The EU has been resisting pressure to throw borrowed money at the problem.
    Other than a large short squeeze and still no idea on growth bailing out the EU banks is more of an admission its going down in the whirlpool rather than a solution.
    The Premier of Alberta is trying to convince Chinese investors everybody is on side with the gateway pipeline. I I have a hard time believing only Chinese investors are unaware of Gen U or the governments ability to bully the people of BC. There is good reason to believe the Harper government has had a meltdown pushing luqudating raw resources while deeming value added as a dangerous economic experiment.
    stimulus,,spending borrowed money on stuff you wouldn't buy when you had the cash

  3. Gateway Pipeline.
    Its worth noting when the leader of the BC opposition said no to the pipeline the parties popularity shot up to its highest ever.
    If Dix were to change his mind before the next election a majority win would be out of the question. If he changes his mind after the election street riots in memory of the Campbell HS Tax fiasco is too big a risk.
    The current were all on side propaganda is a bluff to force the American approval if the Keystone. Harper can't sell the notion piping oil to Saudi refineries in Texas for export will lower pump prices or contribute to national energy security.
    China must be thinking more about pulling their $14B investment than investing more.

  4. No news on Chinese investors from the Alberta Premier. I would have been amazed if any had not yet factored in the heightened risk Gen U poses.
    On the national front opposition leader Mulcair has backed off value added. Again I would be amazed if he dug into the lack of value added investment when it would mean a dramatic reversale of core policies.
    The Minister of Iternational Cooperation resign of an inflated expense account, really small potatoes but its tough getting international cooperation, or investment when the bulk if the world does not support sole custody. Its child abuse and carried on at a horrendous rate.
    No justice, no investment.

  5. Note to MSM
    After being away for 2 weeks I made a post on shutting down the gateway pipeline. Odd now the comment section won't load.
    I noted several years ago the media would have to start telling the truth as accurate news is on social media.
    They still can't stand the truthand now political parties are going social. That's going to hurt the bottom line but they still bow to their masters writing the story.
    I mentioned Enbridge should chill on the pipeline. If its cancelled taxpayers will fund another adventure as Canada is king of corporate welfare.
    Btw I ended with this statement.
    The people serve at the will of government.

  6. The bet is on.
    Boone Pickin heavy weight oil guy predicts oil @ $100 from its current $85 but not clear on why.
    Its evident the global economy stalls at $85 while $90 has stopping power.
    Demand value is $60 to $65 so it would take a substancial event like a big shootin war to create $100 demand. So he might be right if I'm right about world leaders thinking its the best way out of the mess they made.

  7. Syria Iran peak driving season and tens of trillions is excess liquidity depression in Europe recession in America and the resultant slowdown in all developing markets yet oil is still skittish over $90. There's a big hedge premium over $80 so by fall Canadian governments that based their budgets on $100 will have some fast talk ready.
    Bet they say "no one saw this coming".
    Odd China is interested in almost doubling oil sand investments.

  8. Another rent and support paid, food can wait.
    Through the years we've watched brick and mortar investment dry up as Gen U added risk.
    The response was no one did anything wrong so its ok to cook the crime rate to conceal the results if parent denied children.
    As the government has yet to even recognise the situation even with full knowledge its obvious they have no intention of any corrective action.
    The government has been acting like the people serve at the will of government and the polls reflect it. Even so I doubt if that will change the governments direction in the economy or value added.
    All tolled that only leave one direction, meltdown. That only leaves one question, will it be a slow smoker or making its own climate, theres lots of fuel. Wish I could tell you when exactly, not to long after Gen U hits the street at ghe longest.
    Its just its going to happen.
    no justice, no investment

  9. I'm not sure how much more I can do, can't afford to grow old so I have lots of time freed up from making retirement plans.
    Not ever being more than a messenger the message seems to be loud and very clear.
    I'm sure government has heard it but so far a few blinks and a twitch or two has been the only reaction.
    It will happen.
    no justice no investment

  10. Gen U is coming.
    That leaves me little to blog about.
    The message is out there and its loud and clear.
    Up next should be an onslaught of finger pointing as all plausible deniability evaporates under having full knowledge of the past and ongoing immoral unconstitutional and often illegal use of sole custosy.
    To become a political candidate for a party the qualifications first list fund raising ability just ahead of ability to create plausible deniability.
    I'm no sure problem solving or organizational ability are even on the list.
    As the next election is years away that bumps the priority down to plausibility deniability.
    Not hard to figure out what governments next move is when its geared to electioneering and not much else.
    The next 6 months will probably be quiet on the children of divorce front as the economy of exporting raw resources heats up to meltdown temperature.
    None the less Gen U is coming and there is no plausible deniability but the ridiculous is not an unknown political diversion.
    For the optimistic they should just wave the white flag and get on with the inevitable, presumed joint physical custody.