Tuesday, July 16, 2013

enemy list

A leaked memo outlines the governments list of enemies. I'm sure we've all noticed the latest child poverty record has gone unnoticed by government. I've known I've been an enemy of the state as soon as I refused to step down as a father. Its pretty disgusting that the million children living in poverty the government claws back child support from are also being treated like enemies.
The big ugly brute holding your children up by the ankles shaking out any lose change is the tax man.

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  1. Seems making a list of enemies by a political party with only 25% support of the general population a 'last stand', especially if they are currently in power.
    The current drive by this political party to rubber stamp exporting raw resources when the gen pop wants the jobs and economic expansion from valued added industry has Alberta football fans chanting fk BC. Obviously this is not a government but a political party currently in power. Like all political parties winning the next election is the top priority, Declaring that if you don't agree you are the enemy is obviously political and not the voice of the people.
    Rarely have politicians ignored political capital in any situation creating an opening for political attacks. Very few from that group manage the perseverance required and even less get recognition for it, GWB
    While governments are in fact political parties with power the overall performance is reflected in the economy. A few governments arebackstopped with raw resources but most with public debt, not necessarily their own. The markets are saying that even though the US has no exit strategy and no jobs plan its still the best of the bad bets even when just comparing the US system of political power to the commonwealth.
    BC used to have value added industry but now we export pretty much everything. Alberta has been developing the tar sands for 40 years and they're still spending borrowed money. Why would they so insanely think more of the same is the pot of gold? BC has become the enemy of the home province of the party currently in power through a rediculous scheme to make the books look good enough with fire sale resources to win the next election.
    The government says no to value added,
    the people say no to exporting raw resources.
    Regardless of the cost of political capital BC must save Albertans from themselves.