Friday, August 30, 2013


As mentioned the global economic conditions are building up to the usual historic result, war, putting the thief of hundreds of millions in child support in the smoke.
SS Kerry just gave a long lecture on how its american tradition to respond to evil doers. In this case its missiles followed by preferable, a diplomatic solution.
The holdup in any response is the UN who's job it is to respond. The problem is obviously the UN.
The diomatic solution should come ahead of slapping Assad around. The diplomatic solution, invite the UN to move (not to Canada). Then they can repair their economy with WW3.
I'm still waiting for the US to slap Israel around for phosphorus and cluster bombs.
How about slapping Canada around for forcing hundreds of thousands of children to live in poverty to support government spending, or thievery depending on the hand that's out.
The PM just gave a big speech on protecting children, not a word about record child poverty because that says our children need protection from him. Well see what he has to say when Gen U turns street age over the next decade.
lol maybe the crime rate will be down to 1915 levels by then.


  1. To be clear stiffer penalties for child abuses won't phase them child abuses are sick, they don't care about accountability anymore than meth dealers or government.
    It will lock them up for longer keeping them off the streets, people like Sharp or hopefully liberals like Paul Martin that gave the nod to child porn will take notice.
    I notice no accountability for false allegations, many because they are filed against those on the governments hate list. False allegations is the smoke used to hide abusing children to increase government revenue so obviouy it'll be supported by government.
    I notice thesystem is still applauding beating children to the ground to protect their position as the instigator of this tax fraud.
    I notice Canada has lost international investor confidence and the loss of international credibility.
    I notice they only care about scooping every last dime and big business knoes its only a matter of time before they get treated like our most vulnerable children.
    Turned upside down and shaken for the change in their pockets.
    The conservatives have known who how when and why yet they deny the record child poverty they created, knowingly.
    I first starting writing about Gen U a decade before they turn street age, about the same time this government decided the nest way to deal with all their victims is with megs prisons.
    I've asked many times how they plan on during with tens of thousands of abused children out on the street. Still the same answer lock them away out of sight of the public, mega prisons.
    Canada would be far better off locking up the abusers rather than the victims, except its the abusers that decide who to lock up.
    My advice to our youth, join a crime family. Liberals conservatives left or right if you can stomach abusing children you too can have a housing allowance and lobsterunches compliments of the tax payers or their children
    Only a couple more years for government to act then its double lock your door.
    Last night an attempted break in resulted in s lot of damage. The police said it isn't a crime (or even a statistic) because nothing was taken, lol crime rate at 1972 levels.
    The same business had a belt fired through a window recently. The bullet is still in the ceiling, the police said they weren't investigating because the bullet didn't hit anyone.
    Its all going to catch up with harper as he has full knowledge and by ignoring using sole custody to generate revenue he's on the perp list.

  2. With the crime rate down to 1972 levels any argument the current situation with the children of divorce has hope for justice would be weak at best. While the media is seized on Syria President Obama could be considering the feasibility of creating more jobs than workers as an option to wars. I have no doubt the hyper loop will replace most air travel. Its worth noting the proposed mechanical aspect follows the basic pricies of a mag lev for individual vehicles. A system that replace most pavement.
    Its seems unlikely but that would still leave the precarious housing market. Although the wrst right retain value longer this fall has marked areas, holes in the dike.

  3. As far back as history goes and I'm sure well beyond war is the predominating story.
    School history classes arranged war after war with the main variables of length conquest and number of years of peace along with a few of the principle actors. The details many consisted of general statistics and new weaponry. Century after century, more of the same.
    Almost entirely omitted were caused such as a failed government followed by a failed economy. The need to conquer to refill the treasury or a preemptive strike.
    The variations are endless, literally.
    It would seem pointless to dissect the entire lot filed under failed governments.
    The other large category is religious war. The most well known were the crusades which were well documented in everything but the religious aspect. Like most wars history should reflect causes in detail, failed economy, religious fanatics, preemptive defensive tactic. The world is far too educated and connected to let the kings men write history.
    A question off topic.
    There are great divisions in belief even though all respect God didn't just create them, if God created one God created all meaning we're all Gods children. War seems at odds with that globally accepted religious belief.
    The most common decision is about which group are the chosen ones. My first though is only one group can be right. My second though is how much WW2 fit apocalyptic profiles.
    Perhaps no one is right. WW2 was the apocalypse and were the ones left behind.
    Not such a big deal if war was replaced by achievement and I suspect a lot easier forming a coalition of the willing.

  4. "This is not Iraq"
    The difference between Assad and the spider hole guy is exactly what?
    The punishment angle for taking action isn't selling so well international.
    If Congress decides its time it will be to strengthen the opposition forces positions on the ground.
    While missiles might be the immediate solution more jobs than workers globally is still the long term solutions. With the addition to a global transportation makeover of the Hyperloop using the same technology as a mag lev for cars its time for some leadership.
    Syria is Iraq in ever sense and the responsibly of the UN. Let them deal with it.
    More jobs than workers is the responsibility of Congress.

  5. 1pm eastern
    Kerry has presented a strong case for a US strike on Syria. Still nothing about the UNs responsibility that could be worded as the UNs failure.
    I believe I would support usurping UN authority providing the motion included moving the UN off US soil. Providing its not to Canada, we are chock block full of dysfunctional leadership.
    More jobs than workers.
    Global transportation makeover.
    Mag Lev for individual vehicles.
    More jobs than workers.
    0 pollution
    No added cost to consumers
    No gridlock adding
    25% increase in productivity
    Replacement for aged electric grid
    The right kind of inflation
    75% less pavement
    Hedging peak oil
    Best of all our children's children won't be loading up groceries and kids on public transit.
    More jobs than workers.....

  6. This road seems a little smoother after President Obama said its the international communities rep that's on the line.
    I wouldn't expect anything out of the UN on Syria. Canada has put millions of children into poverty by illegally clawing back child support. This one illegal action has ruined and taken many more lives than Assad. If the UN won't stand by their own children's right mandate, its unlikely they will stand anything.

  7. Another, yawn, G-20
    Oddly enough repeat attempt to disrupt an economic body with the responsibilities of the UN, Syria.
    The UN will make a determination along with everyone else. They on Syria we on the UN.
    When it comes to WMD its clear cut pass or fail.

  8. On revue the second attempt must be tied into the big oil scams tied to Canada.
    It would seem pointless to bring business practices to an economic forum by a deadbeat government.
    Its a fact, sad but true. Canada has created another new child poverty record using sole custody as a means to claw back child support from millions of Canadian children.
    Deadbeat seems more than appropriate.

  9. The UN responded to Putin's offer to consider conclusive proof. Expressing doubt proof would not sway Putin due to ignoring a paper passing game on chemical weapons.
    The claim is the rockets were fired from regime controlled areas connected Assad ton the attack.
    With so many high level defections was the intent of the attack seen as the only way to bring down the regime by a defector?
    The same but with the intent to expand to an international war?
    A section 8 with the launch codes?
    Answers will be slow to come.

  10. With the White House acknowledging the Russian suggestion of international safekeeping of Syrian chemical weapons as having potential should end cold war references.
    As well the discussed purpose of regime change that smacks of cold war era mentality can take a break as well.
    There is still the massive humanitarian distress of the people but consider even if more bombs changed the balance of power it would have little short or near term relief.
    The short term is time essential. The long term solution is as noted by the G 20 a political solution.
    The long term solution to the global economy, jobs, is also political.
    We saw more than enough destruction last century I would think to be driven to a century of builders.
    President Obama is quite clear he was elected to end war not start one.
    The Hyperloop will most definitely replace most air travel and potentially most public transit. I have been keying in a global trans makeover to a mag lev for car. Peak oil, who cares we ll still be driving.
    The alternative to another century of destruction is a global build that will stretch into many generations.
    A political solution to Syria can become a much bigger thing, a century of builders. Pass it on.

  11. Nothing to it.
    Syria signs a wmd pact, Russia places them in UN hands and the outcome in the hands of the region.
    The Sec State Kerry can have breakfast and meet with his counterpart for an hour.
    In the first minute agree on dropping external demands and for the next 59 talk about family fishing or sports. saunter off for a leisurely lunch while the joint statement is prepared. media event for a couple of hrs and dinner where more jobs than workers takes the stage.
    lol is it still talking to myself if i write it down,,, hmmm.

  12. Exceptional on so many fronts.
    Ordering countries to ignore the basic human right of asylum is certainly exceptional and most likely the danger President Putin was eluding to. Deferring to the diplomatic process under these circumstances is exceptional.
    What is really exceptional is both leaders are not far off challenging each other to 3 rds,,, of pickup, while still working to a common end. Exceptional Syria signed on to the UN CWs pact I'm sure they feel same, the sooner the job gets done the better.
    Although the velocity might be a little under whelming the volume of exception could drive another exceptional achievement, more jobs than workers, down the mag lev track.

  13. Global transportation makeover
    Mag Lev

    The list.
    Sovereignty protected
    More jobs than workers
    0 pollution
    0 increased costs to consumers
    0 gridlock
    75% less pavement
    2 tubes equivalent to 10 lane freeway at speed
    Commute times cut by 75% increasing personal productivity
    4 hrs from the snow to the sun
    Aging electric grid could be incorporated
    The right kind of inflation
    Trillions sitting in cash looking for a long term viable and secure investment
    Global derivative financing
    Stable revenue base; income/taxes/ future off planet expansion
    Best option to armed conflict,debt and whistle blowers
    We have the technology and the excess liquidity
    I'm positive we have the builders.

  14. mag lev
    Is it a big job,no. It is a monstrous job but under the circumstances starting with hope and jobs for Gen U to global debt, reward versus risk is no contest.
    Starting out with a handicap I've never taken on a project unless success was a reasonable and expected goal.
    With a grade 8 education I was tutored in trig and landed a job on to the survey crew and was running an engineering dept a few years later. Top of the rehire list in all the main industries for most jobs, some with top job on the list including contract work.
    This project has an abundance of a reasonable chance of success what it needs, all it needs, is an abundance of exuberance. We know everything there is to know about war. It has to be worth it to explore the nuts and bolts of time lines, technology, derivative financing, sovereignty and importantly a global university design competition for a transportation makeover.
    The cost of education is going up, the value down,,, again more jobs than workers.
    It would seem reasonable to assume any panel convened to prepare a report would not have any public acknowledgement for all the usual reasons. I would hope that this project would be the exception as the initial gear up is years away and advance knowledge creates better planning, although I still wouldn't expect a media event on convening a panel.
    It starts with a respected panel of experts to assess each individual aspect.
    Carole Taylor, previously a provincial finance minister comes to mind, perhaps she might even consider chairing the panel.
    Its an option worth exploring.

  15. History is being observed, an exceptional historic time.
    History including many advancements are steeped in armed conflict. From who started it and why to how long it lasted to who won or what truce created x years of peace followed minor changes of the last data set.
    The world is in a precarious position of unemployed and debt. War has never saved the world whether it be a failing government, religion, a failed economy, masses of unemployed, conquest or a sociopathic dictator.
    It was industry created for war that saved but actually staved off worse than war.
    Industry can save the world without war, and save history students flat lining from boredom.


  16. Nothing on the child of divorce front, just a few ministers bouncing around the world with a, its only a political tale by the opposition. I'm sure they get lots of front nods until they turn around without actually explaining the alleged made up parts. Cooked crime rate, another historic child poverty record not addressed publicly by government. All symptoms of a dead beat government.
    On the global front I don't mind being of the same mind on a diplomatic solution. There is a lot of doubt its possible and they have a lot of history that reads their position.
    The lofty goal of having the Syrian people make the determination for themselves rather than the region or western powers is opposed by millennia of tradition deposing the entire ruling party. The provincially nominated federal government first installed in Afghanistan was extremely successful, circumstances comparable even compared to most western governments. I'm sure Russia noted it was the least violent years in decades, or since and if I've considered it Syria already has as a way forward.
    Might be a close as a coin flip.

  17. KXL is back in the news. Robert Redford had some kind words for mother earth. I understand by the reply if he could grow feathers climate change associated with tar sands wouldn't be a problem. I found it satisfying Canada finally answered the first of several questions on reducing the effect tar sands have on climate change.

    The governments stated position as of May 2012 (Kent) was exporting bitumen to China would create less GHG than the dirtiest value added industry located in or close to the wasteland already created. My rough calculations has it more than double GHG while cutting usable energy by half. Perhaps im the only one interested enough to do more than guess or perhaps the gov hasn't released their numbers, we wait. Seriously does anyone really believe a dead beat government so greedy it intentionally forces millions of children to live and grow up in poverty would give a crap about the environment.

    After having the summer off the BC gov decided not to open the government to business because there aren't enough people asking the government to write more laws to control them. wow However they would reconvene for pressing societal issues. The dumas reporter never asked if the latest historic record child poverty rate qualified as important enough.
    dumas reporter interviewing a dead beat government, I really have to stop channel surfing
    but at any rate its the latest on where government stands on the child of divorce
    If the following isn't important to government
    2009 property crime record
    2010 crime attracted most gangs per capita
    2011 child poverty record dismal youth mental health report
    2012 crime rate cooked down to 1973 level
    it must be the plan

    no justice, no investment

  18. The fed backed off tapering and everyone agrees the economic data didn't meet the (feeble) economic predictions of the spring.
    Stanley Bruckenmiller said the fed had a free shot at tapering as the market had it priced in, adding he had a good day in the market as it repriced equities after the news. I would have needed to hedge against tapering to have a good day but that's why he's a billionaire.
    Perhaps its not the data that put off tapering.
    I'm curious as to whether tapering was put off because no one would take the job of overseeing tapering, starting with Mr. Summers standing down from his acrimonious position. Sry that's the best happy clapping I've got to sugar coat the data.
    They didn't taper because neither more stimulus or tapering isn't the answer, they are both failing strategies. Standing pat was the best bet, nothing more complicated than everyone waiting for a workable plan.

  19. US votes to cut food stamps by $40B over 10 years when usage is at historic high.
    I know what that will feel like. My average income over the last dozen years is half the poverty level. Even though I'm not now nor have I ever been in arrears in child support I'm still paying the full amount required by law. Using making me out to be a deadbeat to support this financial attack is their tactical response as I continue to look for justice for the children of divorce.
    The $40B in food stamp reduction as token austerity will have the same response I've offered my government, Ill never go down on my knees.
    no justice, no investment

  20. A few years back stimulus was predicted to be the largest transfer of wealth to the rich in history. Mr. Druckenmiller confirmed the data, including food stamps versus record corporate profit, that showed an expanding wealth gap.
    Cut food stamps and ignore tax reform, interesting strategy. Putting more water under a sinking boat only sinks it deeper even if all the life jackets are used to plug some holes.

  21. Hyperloop Concerns

    No need no stall out over usual high speed travel risks. They can be anticipated and potentially could be mitigated by means not possible at 30,000 feet. On the ground, no roller coaster tight corners is a given, and shouldn't be a problem planning the first length.

    The visual impact of the Hyperloop suspended from 100 foot high pylons isn't going to fly. Its a question of primarily as an earthquake measure or nothing, guess what... nothing.
    As an earthquake measure enabling a sway to earthquake resistant pylons the risk of catastrophic event from a failing pylon is probably lower than flying. Its the visual. Sunk slightly below ground level the Hyperloop like a mag lev tube for cars is suspended in a larger tunnel free to sway with earthquakes, out of sight.
    Was my generation the last of the great builders? Electric cars, more pavement, more grid lock bridges more more more more of the same? God I hope not, hellova thing to retire to.

  22. Summers over.
    Just watched a seg on the retractable roof on the Houston stadium, that's a roof. Compared to the amount of construction only a fraction project the ability of builders and only a fraction of the worlds builders.
    The largest project I was responsible for was a $2M drill and blast to expand an ocean port. Given a choice between a port expansion, a building, highways, hyperloop, mag lev or war toys,,, doesn't need a question.
    Its all possible and I feel upbeat that although diplomacy on a global scale needs results, the attitude toward working on resolving wmd as moving forward on the Syrian humanitarian crisis has a real sense of urgency. And why wouldnt it?
    Success there could very well lead to creating more jobs than workers. The future gets a few more brush strokes.
    Its only a thought and not a prediction, not having a part to play makes it easy for me to draw a line down the middle of common sense.

  23. The WW3 meter has taken a dip based on the economic desperation of the last decade moving into urgency. Its a little thin but enough to wind it back a little.
    The Canadian media is playing it both ways. Either the noticeable lack of a presence on the world stage is ether snubbing a mutual admiration club or the PM isn't capable. great media stories both even though the truth is glaringly obvious.
    The world is snubbing Canada. A decade ago I made it very plain using and abusing children wont stand for long. With the results in the disgusting results of a government creating the largest number of Canadian children in history is what is being snubbed.
    Its not just the PM's loss of a place on the world stage, the entire dead beat political system and its greed for gold is being snubbed, as it should be.
    no justice, no investment

  24. Iran stated it needs a few months to engage in inspections that most sanctions occurred under. I cant imagine it would take more than a week. Its quite clear there wont be any movement on sanctions until the final report shows commercial purposes. Even if they are or were engaged in a nuclear weapons program as many suspect the diplomatic solution would just say oops, and engage in dismantling it no harm done.
    The delay is in solving the crisis in Syria. Without speculating on the mired of issues that either have not been solved or perhaps not yet even considered I fast forwarded.
    I drew a line down the middle with Syria and I'm sure I was moved away from justice and toward empathy. Drawing a line down the middle of common sense when another 100,000 could die a violent death or a million starve feels like justice at too high a price. The speediest solution has to be the best solution.
    Safe passage for Assad and any that request it under the condition his last act would be to paper a proposed constitution of guaranteed freedoms under a provincial nominated federal government.
    Supporting the rule of law and justice might be the line down the middle but in this case justice for the people in the form of constitutional rights is the bigger justice and it is very much a time sensitive issue.

  25. Keystone XL Gateway bitumen pipelines
    Canadian economic action plan
    The Canadian government believes there will be less of an impact to the environment if we pipe it and ship it half way around the world to Chins to be shipped all the way back as value added goods. That's so fn dumb its not worth debating or even further comment but the economic aspect is.
    There is a strong consensus that pumping it to Texas for upgrading and export will increase the price at the pumps. Certainly in Canada at global market prices.
    Energy security is fairly weak as the US is a net exporter of energy.
    The vast majority of Canadians want value added industry and the good paying jobs they provide across the country. The economic expansion from value added industry would be an increased market for goods we currently import from Asia providing many more US jobs than a pipeline.
    The province of Alberta has been developing and exporting bitumen for 50 years, and they are still spending more than they take in, still spending money borrowed from future generations.
    Just say no.

  26. The builders are on the job site.
    The news about renewed global diplomacy spun back the war meter to 34%. That fits in the middle of the optimist or skeptic views. Should speedy resolutions occur it would move to optimism but only slightly.
    The original increases were based mostly on global economic conditions. Like Canada's economic plan, a pipeline, isn't good enough, the mechanism for resolving global debt isn't good enough.
    I have no doubt the world leaders have expressed enough times the need for economic growth while reducing debt. The current meter reading is in a neutral stance as the current talks make perfect sense because WW3 wont bring both,,, but only just neutral. Still good news is good news.
    We still need a global jobs program like a mag lev, so talks on moving the world into a positive diplomatic stance is a cornerstone worth building on.

  27. While Baird was speaking at the UN on not to be deceived by current diplomatic talks with Iran, to what appeared to be an audience of 1, Israel is joining the chemical ban. Canada might as well be snubbed by taking the contrary view rather than being snubbed for creating a new child poverty record.
    Edmonton Alberta, Canadian economic and federal government power house.
    Further evidence of a dead beat governments attempts to control the damage of their failed policies.
    The recent rash in serious charges against police officers using excessive force to control criminals shows the justice system is in a losing battle against the numbers they've created with failed federal policies, such as clawing back child support.
    Still no justice for the children of divorce. Not so much as a whisper about the dead beat trick of clawing back all the child support from our most vulnerable children after being intentionally created by government policy,,,, for that purpose.
    Canadian politicians should be treated worse that the criminals they've created by their greed for gold.

    The current diplomatic process in bringing stability is very much needed if the world is going to act globally to create more jobs than workers. These talks will succeed because all but the radicals that have no interest in the value of humanity welcomes this move forward regionally toward moving forward globally.
    The Canadian government is too dysfunctional to see what their dead beat greed for gold programs would result in and certainly not interested in where current global diplomacy can lead.

    no justice, no investment

  28. Its been a few years since the transaction tax of 10 cents on the $100 spent to feed the worlds hungry.
    Same thing with a flat 50% necessities of life exemption consumption tax with 0 income tax. Tax what you spend not what your back earns you.
    Is there a more historic saying history repeats itself?
    The governments currency manipulation after WW1 caused the crash of 1929 followed by a decade of economic depression. We have yet to feel the current depression although stimulus is losing its pain killing effect. There were more millionaires created during the great one than any time up to the technology boom of 1929, oops that should read 1999. Since 1999 we've had the historically biggest transfer of wealth to,,, the wealthy.
    The current Roman inspired tax system and the continuation of government transferring taxes to the people while the wealth gap increases is exactly what brought down the Roman empire. The wealthy kept putting more pressure on the people to support their personal ambitions. History is repeating itself.
    Governments didn't learn from 80 year old history but then they have an agenda, wealth transfer. I'm sure the same goes for 2000 year old history, it suits them to fiddle.

  29. the wealth tax
    Sounds like its a tax on the wealthy but in fact its a tax for the already wealthy.
    Like the wealthy romans or the people with money in the 1930s that owned or controlled the economy for their benefit today Canada has resorted to a blatant abuse of power to ensure only the wealthy partake in the economic expansion of medicinal marijuana.
    Both federal provincial and municipal governments along with the police have instituted policy only the wealthy can participate in while eliminating any current competition. It is blatantly abusive because the only way it can work is through government funding, making it a direct transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the wealthy.


  30. Setting up a flow of tax dollars to a select few as the last comment shows isn't uncommon and viewed by most as the government doing business. I posted it as a note on how little effort government now takes to hide it.
    My beef is the clawing back of child support not who's filling who's pockets. Consider it a, Get to know the Canadian government, monologue.
    The Romans perfected the basis of our tax system and Rome burned.
    The bubble of the 20s has remarkable similarities of today.
    The tax the rich of last year is now turning to cuts to business taxes, increased fees or increased taxes depending on the country. Just saying, when governments get serious enough how far past this country example of greed creating a child poverty record will any government go.
    What comes after this latest serge in tax breaks as it might be the last dip from the well. Government cant keep up this transfer of wealth forever and when the tipping point is reached they will call in the markers.
    Personally the rich should fund jobs and not the rich funding government, so it would seem wise to consider solutions like a global transportation makeover, common sense.
    a global problem needs a global solution

  31. Ikea has home solar panel system on the shelf for $9200.
    With the single trilateral trade agreement as mentioned the cost would be cut at least in half. Enough to create a lot of jobs in the basic installation business. What still stumps me is why are we still dealing with batteries. Take it one step further and store it as hydrogen for use in a fuel cell, either for home consumption or a hydrogen or electric powered vehicle. Low pressure hydrogen will handle most commutes leaving only longer trips to fill at a high pressure filling station. Battery storage is a costly high maintenance system that continually bleeds energy. Hydrogen generation is cheap by comparison with comparatively little maintenance and doubtful a hydrogen generator, low pressure pump and tank that has 0 loss of energy would come to more than the first set of batteries.
    All this stuff has already been invented built and tested. The benefits of 0 pollution commutes in reducing the impact of climate change or just on the health side have been well publicized. The only piece lacking is how to bring it to the people at a cost they can afford.
    It can be done. Some of the first will be all the new workers here in the installation business. I'm not suggesting a government rebate, I'm suggesting innovation like home energy is as important to humanity as profit but future profit might be cut short without innovation.
    lol they can take the tools out of my hands but cant take the builder out of my head
    proof I am still on my feet

  32. I think I have thought out loud often enough, lol just did it again.
    Maximus, the American collection agency charged with illegally holding our children by the ankles shaking them for any lose change in their pockets,,, and the main topic of this blog deserves this out loud.
    The BC government has us bathing in champagne in 2020 when the revenue from LNG pours in.
    BC is currently over $60 billion in debt, the promise of riches pouring in is nothing more than a feel good excuse to run the debt up to $80 billion or higher.
    The gas fields, pipelines, pumping stations, tankers, and the market are all under the Malaysian government. Its guaranteed that any tax or royalty obligations will result in exporting at a loss tempering those obligations. The net result isn't riches unless you're on the receiving end of this transfer of wealth, its getting stuck with the bill. That's the history of these deals but if that isn't enough, the reply from the AG re my complaint about the child support clawbback creating the latest child poverty record was "no one did anything wrong".
    2009 property crime record. no one did anything wrong.
    2010 record gangs per capita drawn by record crime. no one did anything wrong.
    2011 child poverty record, 80% live in city of Vancouver even though majority and record amount of child support paid. no one did anything wrong.
    2012 dismal report of youth mental health. no one did anything wrong.
    2015 Gen U turns street age in numbers. no one did anything wrong.

    End of monologue on,, get to know the canadian government.
    End of story

  33. Some facts cant be ignored.
    Its not hard to imagine the world ignoring Canada creating another child poverty record with their greed for gold when the debate should have been over in 2009, 10 years after the report, For the Sake of the Children.
    The facts not to be ignored are the 2009 on of results using the divorce act to generate revenue and the ensuing damage.
    The fact is this needs to be fixed and the only fix is presumed joint physical custody.
    Stimulus, tapering, fully funded with more debt, debt ceiling,,, all these concerns add up to one thing. The is a very real tipping point. Whether debt is increased by $1T or wether the real debt actually is $200T as calculated by some. Is the reason the award winning economists only say were well under any level of concern and not where the point of concern about tipping the economy over. It would seem more likely it has not be quantified because we are a lot closer than too far away to put a number on.
    Besides the unified concern about debt there is also agreement that greater employment needs to be pursued.
    That would be a global transportation makeover to a mag lev. If a hyperloop for high speed public transit has potential then so should a mag lev as they both employ the same principles and so can use the same tube.
    The fact is both need to be done, ignoring them over the years hasn't paid off in the slightest.
    This comment sums up the last decade so need to think out loud any longer.
    I've thought it out, Ill leave the rest of thinking to you.

  34. Have fun

  35. I meant this for another blog but it fits here as a unwinder as both other topics are done here. Thanks all.

    If I seem doom and gloom on the economy its meant to be taken as urgency and not thrown up hands. It might just be the immensity of a global transportation makeover that holds things up. Sry if I was too explicit or the simplest solution is also the most challenging.
    There are a great many areas that pursue the potential of humanity in meeting challenges.
    Of serious concern is climate change which accompanies some extreme species extinction. Perhaps we've already past the point of reversal by most estimates but I disagree.
    In depth studies of species extinction and climate change leave little doubt of the connections. This seems to have lead to connections between climate change and earths magnetic fields weakening, reversing or splitting. The research is centered on the variations in the magnetic field causing at least a portion of climate change by allowing a higher amount of radiation through the atmosphere. Entirely possible but not where I believe all the focus should be.
    It is also possible that increasing GHG's interfered with the magnetic field allowing in climate altering radiation. It would then be likely that today's rapid movement of the poles and the current weakening of the field is tied directly to the rapid increase in GHG's, CO2 in particular. Haven't found any computer simulations based on GHG's interfering with the magnetic field or any thesis on altering or shifting the magnetic field with carbon molecules. similar to the shielded cables in your PC.
    Puts a twist in most current expectations of current climate change predictions when theoretically by reversing the amount of GHG released the magnetic field would respond instantly. I must be worth a shot rather than pushing it to the point where historically the primary source of excessive CO2 died off or rotted away, both of which happened over millennia, not in a hundred years.
    The good news, I guess, we can do much to restore balance with a mag lev over a few hundred years and not tens of thousands through mass extinctions..
    no need to fork me

  36. The public record through various reports and media mentions.
    Property crime record, gang record, child poverty record following record parent deprived children.

    The governments response so far has been that no one has done anything wrong. The counter with a cooked crime rate that is now down to 1972 levels. In a fairly low crime area, an older gal loitering in the front of her building likely waiting for a ride was mugged for her purse. Broad daylight, pepper sprayed, knocked down and robbed.
    The government just boosted about their universal child care program at a cost of $17.5 billion has lifted 55,000 children out of poverty. The hidden truth, more children went into poverty than was "lifted" out creating the latest child poverty record, many more than 55,000. Cooking the crime rates while issuing misleading statements about Gen U is pure desperation but their game of plausible deniability hasn't got a chance. They know sole custody is used to generate revenue creating record child poverty. Its not even a question of do their care. Of course they care, they design the laws and how they're used. If they weren't pleased with the results they would be making changes and not hiding the results for more gold.

    Elections are the time when the people decide which political party they will sign over ownership of the country to. The country, your finances, your children, even the air you breathe.
    The NB police turned violent at a fracking protest attacking the protestors, inflaming the situation even more by blaming the protestors. A failed politician stated NB has the law on its side, lock Stock and barrel. The law they made by the way. NB backed down from using violence to answer the peoples voice because of the worry the recent occupy movement and the active idle no more could ignite an even larger movement.
    The police should stop using violence to silence the people, its supporting a corrupt dysfunctional system abusing power, and it just doesn't work.
    Ive done my work and I'm still on my feet.

  37. I could re list the reasons the Canadian government is imploding including the latest child poverty record. The media is playing it like its over padding a few hundred thousand on the Senate expense accounts. As I stated a decade ago the system is broken by corruption, that includes the previous government for instituting using sole custody to satisfy their greed for gold, and the current government for protecting this criminal source of revenue. Canadians have not forgotten the previous governments burglary of the treasury to the tune of $40M or the lag time needed to dispose of the evidence created by fake inquiry. Uninvited from global meetings the word is out on this dead beat government forcing hundreds of thousands of Canadian children into poverty by ripping off their child support monies.
    By now the government should be getting a peak into how this is ending, implosion They were warned a decade ago but between narcissism, arrogance, lack of accountability and just plain loonytoons,,, it is what it is. Its now self sustaining which I might in time write a new post on should anything worth mentioning like prosecution shows up..

    For now the global answer is still more jobs than workers. As the US has the most to lose I'm hopeful the Saudis pulling out of the security council will embolden Kerry to look beyond cease fire to a unified secular effort. One needs not look beyond this century to know only a global effort will satisfy time or that there will not be a better time than now, perhaps for centuries to come. If I had more to push with I would so you slackers get thinking about a global transportation makeover, get pushing.

  38. History is now the digital truth, how's your legacy doing?
    While the distraction of Canadian corruption or US health care has media laser focused business anchors continue to sell an economic recovery. The recovery is nothing more than a bull market based on borrowed money and corporations pumping stocks even more with special dividends and share buyback's. Business isn't expanding payrolls, labor participation continues down.
    The US personnel debt went down with defunct mortgages and housing now up as the wealthy buy up cheap rentals. The US auto sales are 50% sub-prime while food stamps hits a record.
    This hopeum of a recovery is losing ground to the reality of no exit plan in the foreseeable future.
    The reality that this unrecovery is fueled by borrowed money with no economic plan on how to pay it back, just more of the same. Austerity? Europe isn't having much luck, record unemployment with youth unemployment hitting 40% in some areas. Global problems, jobs, environment, need a global solution.

    On the sunny side the serious effort by John Kerry could bring about the level of global cooperation required to create more green jobs than workers with a global transportation makeover, while this planet still has the raw resources to create stable economies, that will lead to colonizing space. If we miss this window we will never be this close again for hundreds if not thousands,,, if ever again.

    What the hell its only the future of humanity, and legacies.

  39. Five super typhoons. 11/9/2013
    Climate change is on the verge of releasing the methane locked in the permafrost. .
    A pipeline through the landslide capital of Canada followed up by massive tankers in narrow channels over a fault line that is overdue for the big one is enough insanity. Shooting up GHG by exporting it raw for the governments instant revenue gratification when Alberta is still running a deficit isn't even economically reasonable.
    When mentioning the huge increase in global GHG in shipping it out raw versus environmentally regulated value added industry at the source the Canadian proponents of exporting raw fossil fuel say if you drive a car stfu.
    I believe humanities destiny is to populate the stars over the next several millions years,,, you're not going anywhere are you,,, humanity I mean. India has a satellite on the way to mars while NASA is working on roping an asteroid. Populating the stars and in a billion years perhaps the universe isn't too far to look into the future. It wasn't all that long ago mining asteroids was in that category, simply too far away for any serious consideration just as a manned flight to Mars was before the very first space flight.
    A few things have changed putting everything in the future at risk. Climate change is now a higher priority than peak oil while global employment is nowhere near enough to lesson the heightened risk of armed conflict. Under the current arrangement the world will run out of resources without creating the stable economy needed to sail the seas of space. India has a satellite on the way to Mars, congrats, likely the location of the first space elevator. As welcome as it is its a long way off from a city of thousands and eventually millions in orbit.
    Its no longer an issue of someday mining asteroids, with billions more inhabitants we now know that day must come before we run out of resources. Its not even the next century, it needs to be in the works in the next decade.
    China has expanded thanks to global debt but like spending power, as the resources run out, so will humanity. Iran in changing the blame game into civil cooperation would unfetter China to be a leader in moving toward global economic stability. With every side saying the other is to blame it should be easy enough for everyone to say everyone is to blame and move on.
    Two birds, a global transportation makeover to a mag lev, 0 pollution, economic stability with more jobs on earth or in space than workers, for generations.
    If we run short of resources before we hurtle off into space, climate change we be the least of concerns.

  40. If history is repeating, is it history?
    Other than inputting the time line of cause of war, the winner, and peace till the next one memorizing the dates seem to be enough to call history currently repeating as history.
    Wernher von Braun suggested Mars exploration would require a team of support from a large orbiting platform.
    A city of thousands, in orbit connected to surface industry with an elevator is in the planning stages.
    From stone to copper to machinery to digital, to the next historic achievement, instinctually populating space. A possibility that comes in part with the nuclear power agreement with Iran.
    A destiny of immense challenges that will absolutely require a stable global platform both socially and economically. Its now an excepted fact we will need to gather resources from space over the next several hundred years or face a delay of perhaps thousands of years.
    sounds like fun

  41. More jobs than workers, Ill admit it sounds unrealistic even though it is achievable. Unrealistic because in recorded history the world has rarely moved in unison or direction. Creating more jobs than workers requires agreement in unison, ya well unachievable.
    If that were possible we might as well shoot for the brass ring.
    In a perfect world the work week would be 36 hrs of 3 12 hr shifts. I worked a lot of 7 12s so stop whining. As divorce reaches higher highs Each Parent can work a full week in 3 days and still have full days to parent in rotation. Ask the kids, they'll tell you.
    In a perfect world I wouldn't be talking to myself here, shit mother I cant dance.

  42. Taxes government.
    Before Rome burned they refined taxing so well its still used today.
    It was the inefficiency of redundancy layered by the senate that collapsed the system through corruption, we still have that vulnerable redundancy today.
    Business paying tax is totally redundant as all taxes are added to the cost of the product. The layers of lawyers, accountants, auditors and collection agencies are nothing more than layers pushing the tax down to the consumer pays level.
    The simple shortcut is a flat rate consumption tax on consumers, the end payer from the beginning.
    With all the layers consumers are taxed at about 50% of their total income or spending power. I've tossed the numbers a few times dropping in at around a 50% flat tax cutting out redundancy and lowering the cost to government, business and consumers.
    The only income tax would be start at 1% for incomes over $100,000 peaking at 5% for > $500,000.
    A 10% consumption tax starts at incomes of $25,000 working up to a maximum of 50% for incomes of $50,000 and greater.
    The exceptions need to be in food and shelter.
    Any food from production to consumption including restaurants are exempt. The primary residence costs of purchase, mortgage or rent including energy saving upgrades.

    The options are??? Detroit....

  43. I didn't see this headline anywhere.

    January 3, 2014
    Business celebrates feds action to inflate middle class inflation over deflation.

    Markets moved up after Bernanki takes credit for $5/lb hamburger.

    Costing the middle class the banksters were saved. Move along, nothing to see but debt. Canada dumped the manufacturer tax onto the middle class with the GST. Nothing to see here and yet that's where the overpriced overpaid business sector is looking.

    Although its early to tell the possibility of the markets having a real celebration should be on their radar. John Kerry has the experience that compromise can be a winner for all when its hard to pick a winner in some wars. The responsibility of generations far into the future will require multi-national seamless participation forged from compromise.
    It is early but by the amount of energy Kerry is expending I feel its going well.
    mag lev

    The best way to stop a terrorist is with a job.

  44. For all the bad news Friday the markets reacted similar to a bad news means stimulus rally. The talk was about taper not about stimulus adding the possibility there was some attention to the nuclear agreement with Iran.
    In just a few thousand years the exploration of Earth has carried us to the great challenge of populating space. Earth is a limited resource that will carry humanity only so far, space has resources that will carry humanity to the stars. A self sustaining city for the many generations of millions making one way trips.
    Explorers for the Mars settlement is signed up in droves putting certainty on gather millions for a generational trip. The obvious need for off planet resources will drive the colonies that will drive the technology and experience to manage requirements involved. Mars could use some low light low atmosphere plants, looks like genetically altered plants might win over my purest objections.
    Generational travel sounds like its a very long time but in fact its only one lifetime, yours.
    I can trace back my genes to 751 France which is probably no more than 25 generations yet for the most part those generations are gone. I'm quite sure 25 generations in space is unlikely to see the changes we've seen but like life today even if you have a life plan, you live it one day at a time while hopefully looking ahead to the next generation.
    If the market rallied back in some part it must have been along the lines of thinking the world has been conquered, obviously by the damage, its time to conquer space.
    I believe.

  45. As a highly rated blaster with a mining background, mining asteroids in minimal or no gravity presents interesting solutions. Unlikely high maintenance and cost robotic grinders over cheaper robotic drilling and blasting with an expandable net and stationary grinders at the refining site.
    On site processing eliminates the energy of today's technology to transport raw material off site. On site processing requires on site support by a mining community. As the solar system is conquered over the next 1000 years, these communities will grow into cities of millions that, over the next several thousand years, will set out to conquer the galaxy. Welcome to history.
    Providing we don't succumb to ourselves the galaxy is there to be explored, it can and will be done.
    Sounds a little off to visualize generations, perhaps hundreds of even thousands of generations traveling through space to reach a distant solar system. I go back 25 generations but few actually touch my life. In transit 25 generations wont be any different than 25 generations on Earth, distant past. The first few and the last few will be the most affected, the hundreds in the middle will continue life as we do here and now, plan for life every day, live one day at a time.
    With Iran signing a major nuclear deal signaling a unified push is stabilize the global economy I expect the markets to continue to express enthusiasm.
    Cooperation means increased economic activity, econ 101.

  46. The US mortgage activity dropped an average of 50% in the last quarter, more sales of cash purchases for rental units which have significantly contributed to price increases could make up most of the drop in mortgage activity. Canadian house prices have dropped the last 3 months in a row but still some increased sales along with continuing record personal debt.
    Some countries have gone Detroit, others have a little more water to put under the sinking boat.
    The standard split opinion from any view is devoid of any kind of a sustainable global economic plan, even though we are a global economy.
    The drag on the global economy is on the downside with potential still on the upside. The standard ability versus will used to distract has been replaced by a universal agreement on the cure, jobs.

    Over the last several hundred years the unimaginable is turning common with increasing speed while the common can fade overnight. There is some urgency to turning swords into plowshares with indication many countries are ready for a global plan.
    The point of mentioning 25 generations is, in my time, just a blink away. Another 2500 of travel to populate perhaps several distant solar systems is another blink.
    It is time to fade away the current form of transportation and replace it with a system that will benefit more generations that the current one has. Agree on that and we will be where we should be in 2500 generations.
    The global agreements made to achieve the unimaginable, populating space, is generation one.
    I agree.

  47. Davos 2014

    Interesting straight up change from the usual.


    all of the above

    The greatest global risk is not managing the riskboard list as one single problem.
    Managing each individual risk has not shown any improvement. Many risks rely on solutions to other risks just to adjust another risk. The global solution to all is still the majority consensus, jobs.
    The trillions in cash, $2T on company books alone, is looking for a stable long term investment. A global transportation makeover can be the vehicle that creates more jobs that workers. The people need jobs, government needs to do what governments do, create a future for the next generation and business needs demand to make capital investments that create jobs.
    We are going in the direction of a transportation makeover out of predictable necessity but we could be going a lot faster,,.

  48. CNBC
    Finally a reputable think tank investigated ending income tax for business.
    Its been a considerable time since I wrote about ending income tax altogether with a consumption tax.
    The limits on a consumption tax were inline with debt and government spending but not inline to the affects of current street level inflation.
    In the off chance the next consideration might be a consumption tax, the wealth tax of 1% per hundred thousand in income up to a maximum of 5% above $500,000 stays the same.
    The increase consumption tax limits increase to 0 at $50,000 adding 10% per $10,000 to a maximum of 50%.
    A 0% consumption tax on food, food production and consumption, including restaurants, regardless of earnings stays.

    btw a global transaction tax of 10 cents on a $100 meal will still feed the worlds hungry.

  49. Surely the rich must know.
    Remember how irritated Obama was when his 2009 $800B stimulus package that didn't produce the anticipated job creating capital investments and continued as companies announced they were sitting on $2T in cash. Well they still are and I took the message of tax the rich as a warning, tax or investment.
    France currently seems to be trying to pull that off.
    Major changes to the tax code have been called for that now includes a 0 corporate tax.
    One more step to a consumption tax and 0 taxes for the middle class.
    Primary residence are still excluded from a consumption tax, sales profit considered income also stays. Health care optional during implementation of US affordable care act.
    The positive impact of a consumption tax in lower incomes is balanced against the income of, yes lol the wealthy. Stop whining, instead of calling up one company to update your air conditioning call three for bids. Even better ask yourself if spending that much on a status symbol will deliver whatever it is you're looking for. Will another product deliver what you require, save another 50% there and the maximum 5% income tax could be a blessing in disguise.
    On balance of revenue government shouldn't have to adjust so its pretty much all upside with a consumption tax.
    Surly the wealthy know the bills government has rung up wont be paid by the middle class anyway. Even if government tried the indebted middle class isn't close to having enough wealth. Seeing as only the wealthy will be left to pay the bills why not give the middle class the break that will create the demand cap ex needs to create jobs. Its all upside from there.

  50. From the information available 15 years ago I predicted investment would be hampered and eventually stop by the results of government ignoring the report, 'for the sake of the children.
    Last week a recognizable guest on CNBC Kudlow Report he sited a major concern in making capital expenditures is family breakup.
    No need for me to carry on, big money has a big IQ and know government has eyes closed waiting for the asteroid impact.
    Lots of opinions on the current market retraction, I'm sticking with international events particularly Davos.
    It seems improbable investors missed the strong general consensus positioning jobs as the principle solution and then was meet with training programs for future jobs, but no plan on how to create them now or for future generations.

    Perhaps it seems populating space isn't humanly possible, retarding advancement in where we know we have to go. As genetics progress the ability of some species to freeze solid over the winter can and will be safely spliced into space travelers. I cant imagine it will take many decades for the human body freezing for a decade, thaw for a month to replenish and freeze for another decade. Ten thousand years of travel would be reduced to one generation or less with plenty of volunteers.

    a job is the best way to stop a terrorist
    the best way to create a job is a global transportation makeover
    a global transportation makeover is the best chance of populating space

    enjoy the future

  51. Lots of luck with WW3.
    The west obviously sees WW3 as the solution to the debt caused failures 1 to 5 stimulus operations. Canada can brag about being in the best economic situation in the G-7 but as I've said, if you're in the quicksand up your chin does it matter if you're standing on someone's shoulders.
    The future requires a global transportation makeover and I hoped to see it in my time but it follows stimulus is followed by more stupidity. Starting a major armed conflict because 95% voted to secede from the Ukraine. Only the democratic west is calling giving the people a voice illegal, unless they're diverting attention from the root cause, government corruption.
    Not to say a transportation system that will service for millennia lasting past cities in space cant get done by an east west affiliations. Russia and China could probably go it along but the west couldn't allow that proof of the West obvious repeated failures.
    That leaves the decision of an affiliation for the future or WW3.
    The odds are still climbing but less than 50 50, its not to late, I still have time.