Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eyes Closed

Even the speculation child poverty is just a rant of the disgruntled has lost all substance.

The answer to the last line of a paper submitted, the asteroid is government using sole custody to fatten its coffers.

January 10, 2014
Children of Divorce

The draft of the final federal report on children suggested child support was the most important thing to children of divorce. The child poverty rate was 1 in 10 but as the majority of child support was paid the cause of such a high rate of poverty wasn't expanded on. The majority of child support in BC is still paid yet in 2009 Vancouver hit record high property crime that attracted the most number of gangs per capita in 2010. As the primary indicator of youth problems the high child poverty rate and resultant youth problems was not being affected by the majority of child support paid.

Although the child poverty rate leading to record crime in 2009 was 1 in 10, in 2011 it was reported at 1 in 7. These children will be turning street age in 2015 and one can presume an even higher amount of youth problems. Unfortunately the child poverty rate in 2013 was reported at 1 in 5 with no plan or even discussion by government on how to deal with what can easily be seen as a coming catastrophe already forming.

Other indicators such as parent denied children also increase youth problems but not nearly as much as poverty, again record limits have been reached. Following a federal 1999 joint Commons Senate report (For the Sake of the Children) on the damage sole custody was having on children family court took sole custody to its highest historical rate of 94%, against the recommendations of the federal justice committee.

Combining a record number of parent denied children with rather astonishing 1 in 5 child poverty rate should have the urgency of an asteroid heading for Ottawa.


Robert Smith


  1. I find I'm still just as upset as when the report of the 1 in 5 child poverty rate came out. I find it far too contemptible to rationalize any part of it. It is so contemptible and repulsive I find pursuing the eyes closed failures of government has a limit.

  2. Late breaking old news.
    The BC government stated it only pockets $17M a year in child support. My estimates put it closer to $17 a month. The difference isn't what struck me or the nauseating fact the one in five child poverty rate was ignored. The fact the government commented with even just a single number is only done on defense when they've lost control of the situation and there's no one else to blame, and there isn't.
    Although I had planned on keeping up with the plausible deniability game, after months the 1 in 5 rate still makes me nauseous and keeping up wont change anything except any appetite id lose.
    gday all