Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Generation U


Gen U

Turning street age in numbers in 2015 what Gen U will be facing.

Record numbers raised in poverty with mostly poor parents and not wealthy boomers today's youth have. Government debt. Crumbling infrastructure, climate change and closing in on peak oil. Continuing unemployment along with coat of education while value of employment down.

Last jobs report showed 11 thousand full time jobs replaced with 5 thousand part time compounded with 81% of boomers planning on working or only semi-retire sucking up even more youth opportunity. Crime will continue to increase surpassing 2009 record property crime and most gangs per capita than anywhere in 2010.

Outnumbered by seniors for the first time health care costs will be more than the last straw.

Why,,, a decade ago the child poverty rate was 1 in 10, child poverty is the primary reason for youth involved with law resulting in the records being dramatically broke.

The last record shattering rate in 2010 was 1 in 7. Just a couple of years later its now 1 in 5.

Single mother families are leading the charge into poverty even though 85% of child support is paid in BC. The number of children on welfare is close to the poverty numbers, no surprise. Taking sole custody to historic highs a decade ago has now resulted in record child poverty and I repeat 85% of child support is paid in BC. The poverty is caused because the child support paid is clawed back by government as some sort of fee for being on welfare. Its not going to our most vulnerable children leaving them no better off than the children in the 15% that isn't paid child support.

The 2000 1 in 10 making up our current batch of troubled youth are the parents or older sibling of Gen U, the 1 in 7 batch turning street age in numbers in 2015.

I have no idea what to call the 1 in 5 batch other than scary.

While we don't need the explanation, gender bias, tax bias, Madonna complex or judges using an abundance of caution, the fact is the system created Generation Upurs and we should want to know how the government plans to deal with it. Over ten years ago using current information and data I predicted we will be raising a generation of homicidal youths. Now we have a gang capital title, close enough Ive been told. Gen U is very real, very big and its going to be very bad.

Its really that simple, what is the plan for the victims, Gen U?

Bigger prisons or ???

While its nice to see the interest in my blog by the authorities I have to chuckle at the obvious response. "no one did anything wrong", yes we know that's how the system works, that's what this blog is about, how the system works.

This is not doing anything wrong.
The sum total of the economic action plan is a pipeline.

The Northern Gateway Pipeline is intended to fuel Asia with raw bitumen and is touted as the economic driver for decades by government, and business and bankers. RBC retiring CEO Gordon Nixon, in support of the NGP, stated the record wage and wealth gap over the last decade is a myth.

Here's what's in it for BC.

A 1000 kms of pipeline through the landslide capital of Canada while increasing tankers traffic several times along difficult coastal waters overdue for a major earthquake and the inevitable tsunami. In return the 'estimated' tax revenue is $40 million/year against the provinces current debt of $64 billion. The province retains several times that much in child support.

For future reference weigh the certain major ecological disaster for $40M/year against the results of record child poverty for several times that much, and even knowing that like the inevitable ecological disaster, the millions in child support pocketed now will cost billions,,, and the bill is in the mail. Have fun with that fact and finding comfort in government stating no one did anything wrong. 




  1. I think I've covered it all, from the glutinous deadbeat government forcing millions of children into poverty, to moving on from the Roman tax system imposed through an outdated colonial economic system.
    From the 1 in 10 child poverty rate to an outrageous 1 in 5 rate adding to an already long list of challenges Gen U will have to deal with, to suggesting the prolonged embargo of Cuba for nationalizing American interests has become more of a bad taste than a warning.
    Including a global jobs program through a transportation makeover to how its needed today but more importantly where the world will be in 100 500 1000 years and beyond I feel I've covered it all.
    Although just a muse there are some bright spots. The hyperloop, just one more rung and its the new freeway as well as the gateway to space. For the friends I made in Cuba the possibilities and expansion of opportunity of last few years must be very exciting and challenging. The UN hasn't missed a step dealing with Syrian chemical weapons followed by the WTO who also wants to be counted as does Iran.
    Although tentative, summarizing the overall direction to cooperation shines just a little brighter.

    the best way to stop a terrorist is with a job

  2. The NDP is the first political party to stake claim to value added industry jobs from our raw resources. The majority of Canadians support value added jobs over exporting raw resources and played right increase voter turnout. Ideally every party would have a value added plan and let voters decide who to disbelieve the most. Reality predicts the other parties will spend as much time discrediting value added as discrediting each other. By the time value added turns into another hollow election promise Gen U will have the stage. I have to conclude they have lost, failed as politicians, failed as leaders, and failed as government. Gen U is more than enough proof so its impossible to gauge the reaction to the 1 in 5 child poverty record. There is no possible move they can make to claim a win, or anyone can.
    Between living through several decades and research, each decade has claim to its own idiosyncrasies.
    The last decade had voter turnout dropping as public angst builds. This decade will contain Gen U and most certainly reflect the coming effects of child poverty re 1 in 5. If I make it to 2020 I'm sure it will be the most memorable.

  3. So much for the banksters call on the wage gap.
    Canadian cabinet minister Moore said its not his job to feed other peoples kids. I don't think he has a clue about what his job is.
    In defense of his own corrupt system the UK PM said people are poor because they're stupid.
    Bill 13 will make it illegal for anyone to publically cause contempt. Pointing out our governments illegal and corrupt practices will be on the chopping block. If you find the data useful you might want to save it page by page before the contempt I express or cause for the system gets me locked up and silent.
    First they take the public out of our constitutional right of assemble now they make free speech and whistle blowing illegal.
    Soon they will be so desperate for revenue well be hearing talk of work camps.
    Glad everyone that voted for this got exactly what they voted for, hang onto your heads.
    and out

    Just a week ago the retiring RBC bankster Gordon Nixon said the wealth/wage gap over the last decade was a myth.
    I say off with their heads.
    All the best in 2014 or,,, hoping your wage gap isn't so big the rain is coming through.


    By the time you finish lunch on Thursday, Canada's top paid CEOs will have already earned the equivalent of your annual salary.

  4. P1
    The federal governments sum total economic plan of a pipeline over the support of the vast majority of people for value added industry is all about one thing, Gen U.
    Big money hasn't lost a dime since 2008, most are up record amounts. It takes big money to finance value added industries and only a fool would invest big money on Gen U. The government is trying to sell a pipelines as some sort of $40M/year economic savior because they will never admit to creating Gen U with their deadbeat rip off of tens of millions in child support that been running the debt up to record levels,,, even after record child support hit the coffers.
    The government could have followed the advice of decades of expert empirical testimonial evidence and fixed the divorce act. They choose to say screw the children we are entitled to our entitlements.
    Although over the years I have advised on the consequences of forcing millions of children into poverty I take no credit for choking our government down to exporting raw resources to maintain the status quo. Big money bases their decisions on data, not my 'no justice no investment' buzz and not political speeches unless its less for the people. Point in question; today the DOW was buoyed when the feds stated the fear of deflation pushed them into stimulus. Think about it, all commodities at least doubled with part time low wage jobs called the new norm. While the middle class is struggling with $3+ gas a $5/lb raw hamburger the feds put in place a program to gouge the middle class even more. The rich are now the ultra-rich because deflation is only good for the average joe, many just hoping for even a low paying job. The market went up in celebration the feds have every intention of going full bore squashing the middle class regardless of the consequences. The feds are bending over the middle class for the benefit of the cash rich and they are celebrating, it sounds like servitude but that Mr. Kudlow is today's capitalism.
    If I am/was wrong about Gen U we would have the value jobs from refineries, chemical and plastics plants and manufacturing. We have a global supply of raw resources at our back door and the worlds best customer at our front counter yet over a decade ago this deadbeat system elected instant cash gratification and Gen U.

  5. P2
    Normally things will come out in the wash, a 1 in 7 child poverty rate in one of the richest countries in the world its so far from normal 'deadbeat government' might not cover the entire canvass.
    I have no doubt that 1 in 5 should be treated as more than suspicious, criminal is the shade needed.
    This blog and no justice no investment didn't do what it was supposed to do, force the deadbeats to get to work. Sadly nothing in this blog could move the government from its tax the children for the right to be short a parent, but it does document the decades this scam has been going on.
    I expect the government to be true to form pulling out all the stops (Bill 13) to maintain control but if I'm even close in predicting Gen U the 1 in 5 child poverty rate clinches it. By 2017 the information contained in this blog will be as visable as crime in Surrey BC, don't walk the streets alone. Impossible to cook the crime rate further, impossible to blame fathers and most definitely impossible to say in defense 'we had no idea'... I have the response from government already. "No one did anything wrong" followed by a further response on how everyone has done everything right is an iron clad admission of knowledge.
    The governments plan to stop opposition to abusing millions of children worked, notice I say worked and not won. Even though the government responded by forcing a record number of children into poverty they did not win. No one is a winner, single mother families are leading the charge into poverty even with record amounts of child support paid. Gen U is not a winner and far to many fathers are too broke to be a father after paying the NCP tax. I'm not cynical enough to believe the only column in the black is the legal system and all family and youth lawyers are happy about this windfall of clients and multiple adjournments when they cant walk the streets alone, even in the daylight.
    There are no winners just some have lost more than others and guess which group will have the most to say. If you guessed the mayors you just won a free coffee, the majority of policing Gen U and whatever you want to call the 1 in 5 rate falls on mayors with limited financial means, no printing money on the backs of the children government has forced into poverty.
    I have half a mind to send this blog to all the mayors but only one has the guts to stand up for the people and it'll all come out in the wash anyway.
    as usually thanks to everyone that supported no justice no investment even though it didn't bring change, keeping up the good work without reward is still good work
    for the rest of us
    apathy is liking the life you're told to live, the life you're told to live has been recorded in the blog