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Government Corruption

rule of law measured in profit


The first prime minister of Canada had to step down in his first term in the face of corruption charges. The last government was curbed for burglarizing the national treasury while the current government is under investigation for fixing the election.

A recent poll suggests when people have a problem with government they quit voting.

Canadian voter turnout is at record lows, a huge red flag this isn't just about me or even the following issues.

The Court of Public Opinion

March 9, 2012

I accuse the province of British Columbia of collecting revenue, often illegally and unconstitutionally, using failed federal policies on the backs of and to the detriment of children.

I accuse the provincial court of ignoring the best interests of the child and in taking sole custody to its highest historical level further increasing the high percentage of child support paid but retained by the province.

I accuse the federal government of having full knowledge and complicit in fabricating facts while suppressing truths with the intent of keeping the results out of the publics eye with its lock them all up tough on crime Bill.

The accusations of MMS profiting from illegal activity carried out by the same, record amount of child support ordered through record sole custody government, they're filling the coffers of are in a previous post.

I'm putting the government of Canada who has full knowledge from at least since the 1999 joint commons senate report `for the sake of the children` through to my latest contact at the federal level MP Strahl on the stand.

With the following mini pile of statements, documents, and all the science listed as exhibits I turn judgement over to the public.

I suggest you open Exhibits in a separate window for homogenous viewing.

You will hear its a provincial matter.

1 The Acts in question the provinces administer are federal Acts.

2 The thousands of complaints, infractions, failure to adhere to regulations, abuse of power through non-mandated actions used to add to the provinces coffers were filed with the authorities who also happen to be the same authorities benefiting from sole custody increasing child support and so adding to the same coffers they draw funds from.

When the best interests of the child are ignored in favour of plumping govs coffers, the result is troubled youth.

EX 1. The results are in.

Gen U

The parents of Gen U are the Vancouver rioters, property crime and gang crime perps, to the current record high youth unemployment.

Turning street age in 2015 and not peaking till 2020 they will not have wealthy boomer parents but mostly single parents and outnumbered by seniors.

Climate change, peak oil, sovereign debt, failing infrastructure, with possible much higher inflation or interest rates, more global conflict. The list is long, the possibilities are epic.

When told to put on the yoke to keep things going Gen U will say upurs.

The government has intentionally cooked the crime rate as the real rate would mean answers. Its not working very well so they are putting through tough on crime legislation. Against the advice of international crime analysts and many heading law enforcement the government intends on locking up what you will see are mostly victims of government policy anchored by increasing revenue. Cooking the crime rate is no longer good enough, they now intend on filling the mega prisons currently under construction to get them out of view of the public.

Building mega prisons while the crime rate is going down,,, don't buy that hay, its used.

The type of governance you'd expect in Iran, certainly not Canada

Father Denied, the book, condensed.

For those unfamiliar with the issues, who are conditioned to the propaganda child support is for the children and people that don't support their children deserve what they get, read on. This is about a very ugly scam on the backs of these very children. The shocking truth, child support is a failed program but it fattens government coffers, secures women's votes even though single mothers are leading the charge into poverty and you only need attend juvie day at the courts to see how well the 3 lawyers for every 2 doctors are faring.

Collecting government revenue is a business.

EX 2

US child support enforcement agencies employ more than 55,000 people in their war on
"deadbeats." Compare that with the Drug Enforcement Agency which employs a mere 1,900 agents in America's war on drugs

The results of this and more are in. Global reported Vancouver in 2009 2010 has the highest

property crime rate in North America, four times higher than NYC that has attracted the largest number of gangs per capita than any other place of the face of the planet.

EX 3

Vancouver Sun

people less likely to report crime

reported crimes has increased seven-fold - dramatic increase in property crime.

Canada is worse than other countries . . . and B.C. is worse

Not by coincidence it follows with the historically highest number of parent denied children and the second highest amount of child support collected across Canada.

Statistics Canada say they don't count this crime even though its serious as it brought the record gangs, because "the numbers are so large they don't want it driving the crime rate", as they stated in one Globe and Mail article. presto the crime rate is down.

EX 4 is the latest update on cooking the crime rate.


"Data on the volume of crime have repeatedly and inexplicably been altered


EX 5

You will hear sole custody is needed to protect children from undefined danger


Abuse and Neglect

page 20

40% of investigated families were

female-parent families (discussed in

chapter 7 of the CIS Final Report).

60% of all investigated child abuse involves the biological mother

EX 6

Senator Cools. "I receive thousands of letters as burdened and anguished Canadian families appeal for help"

The Canadian government is a strong supporter of the UN because Canada is a strong supporter of fat coffers, wealthy lawyers and the women's vote. Even if its on the backs of children with `child support is the most important thing to a child` and `children don't need fathers`.

The gang capital title says otherwise.

MEXICO CITY, February 3, 2009

UNFPA representative Arie Hoekman, a leader in the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has declared that the breakdown of traditional families, far from being a "crisis," is actually a triumph for human rights.

EX 7

You've heard daycare is the solution for single parent families


Preschool Damages Children’s Social Skills

mothers of the children in daycare were more depressed

children in daycare were 17 times more hostile



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