Saturday, March 31, 2012

reply to government

The response to date from government was to go back to the criminals and ask them to stop commiting so much crime.
My response to MP Strahl

Mark.Strahl.A1@parl.gc.caMar 8
Attached, please find Mr. Strahl’s response to your email. Thank you.

Robert SmithMar 26 (6 days ago)
Robert Smith Re shared parenting My previous corresponde...

Robert Smith
Mar 28 (3 days ago)
to Mark.Strahl.A1

Over a dozen years ago I said the criminal will never give up their cash cow, sole custody.
I came to this conclusion after sitting through a custody trial that is a global embarrassment to canadian rule if law and justice.
My lawyer quit the morning of the first day leaving me with only a section 15 custody and access report that recommended split custody. Further I was ordered to be a witness for her lawyer so I was only allowed questions he asked. It was pointless even being their as the judge wouldn't even allow me to present the custody report.
My presence wasn't even required at the child support hearing so they held it ex parte. The result was her legal aid lawyer getting paid out if dedicated child support funds so he could charge full rate. After the kangaroo hearing the same judge decided the lawyer should take my children's money.
Embarrassing, more than that it, defines the Canadian justice industry abusing children through the immoral, unconstitutional, and often illegal use of sole custody.
I put the plan I'm following together a decade ago. The international supporters of shared parenting have long ago understood the only was to end this crackpot get rich abuse children for votes scheme was to choke the economic life out of the profiteers including their supporters like Maximus and the Canadian government.
You were all warned to stop abusing our children and now that yhr results are in the pressure to shun Canada globally will increase cutting investment in Canada to less exemptions than raw resources.
It matters not that you are knowing collecting child support from a person on a small disablity pension that will soon have me homeless. I need not write another word, you are already a known commmodoty on the international market.
You are selling used hay packaged as fresh while I will never live on my knees under a corrupt system.
My cause is protecting the children, yours is using them, and the results are in, gang capital.

The children will win, the loses are up to you.

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  1. Put together another months child support and another months rent. lol No worries when I'm on a roll.