Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changing the hue

Simply this is about children. The predictions and results of failed federel policy.
Many would have you believe this is gender angst or a war on mothers.
The fact is only 5% of single parent children end up on the wrong side of the law. The creation if Gen U is not credited to thr 5%. Gen U is the creation of record numbers of parent denied children putting many more children into the 5% range. Add the increased number of and it moves up the scale higher than 5%. That added to the 5% is the problem.
Thats what needs fixing and and not motherhood. 

If the entire wall needs to collapes to fix it, children is are just cause.

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  1. Desperation is setting in.
    Following accusation I'm just a dead beat getting out of child support, lol, I'm currently paying the max prescribed by law even though I could be exempt as my income is below the threshold, followed by a price bond, lol when I had the children taken off I asked the judge to extend the order not to talk to my ex indefinitely, followed by the mental health card because I went on a 26 day hunger strike last year, they sent the police out twice under false pretenses claiming I intended myself harm. Twice I had to explain suicide intended harm a hunger strike has a plan a purpose and a result. Now I hear the whisper I did this to myself. Rofl did I create the crime that attracted the most gangs per capita? They will try anything to avoid answering the question, why did they cook the crime rate. An insider said it was because the numbers are so large they will drive the crime rate. Back in the day that was called truth but as we've trading in a bunch of lying crooks for the great concealer that will try anything to avoid it including saying there is nothing wrong the wall is trembling. It will come down. The children are a worthy cause, lol, no me.