Thursday, April 26, 2012

end game

When I became became obvious the current government was supporting the courts in intentionally removing a parent, to the financial benefit of the justice industry, the most effective plan would be to restrict finances. As the creation of Gen U stems from failed federal policies the purpose is to force government, against their wishes, to fix the failed policies.
As of 2006 there has been 0 invesent in Canada in anything oyher than raw resources and currency speculation by the international investors. They basedthis decision on the science and our predictions of the coming of Gen U increasing long term downside risk.Not only are the results of those predictions in they are so bad the new government has concealed the real crime rate. They say there is no problem, no one did anything wrong.
This must change, if it takes the collapse of the parlimentary system remember they intentionally and knowingly created Gen U.
Should it require that extreme there is a contingency plan. A better and proven system of grass roots democracy, if it comes to that.

After 5 years of concealment by the new government its time to force the change. The final push to force change to the best interests of the child.



  1. The final scramble for deniablity is on now that government has realised they have no answer in concealment, they have no answer to cooking the crime rate.
    They built a great wall, locked themselves up tight, raised the drawbridge, filled the moat with oil. Trapped in their own making.
    Sensible people would have admitted the're wrong long ago but we need to deal with what we have.
    Its not even like I'm asking them to be accountable for creating Gen U, just change the failed policy yet here we are, Gen U.
    The plan is still on track and picking up speed even against the full weight of government. Stick with it.

  2. The Edmonton Journal deleted the address of thus blog from a conversation in a comment section. They can't dispute the facts so they're using the ostrich defense.
    lol I don't have the streak required to tell them the Canadian media has intentionally been left out of the loop for more than a decade.
    As msm is just an arm of government its logical to omit the middle man and deal directly with government as government crested Gen U and cooked the crime rate to hide everything.

  3. How difficult can it be to get government to uphold or at least respect the law?

    Canadians have been promised certain rights, free speach, freedom of association.
    Under néw policy passed in a budget bill Canadians will now be banned from public meeting by where they live.!
    As blatently anti-democratic as it isoutrageously unconstitutional not one politician has requested a court injunction against proceeding with the illegal action of interfering with the legal rights of the people,,, based on where they live.
    Mind boggling as it is government would even attempt it, the story of how Gen U was created now has full credibility.

  4. The public based on where they live are banned from public meetings.

    Exactly how does Canada position itself when discussing human rights when ours just quasted the Charter with a budget bill.

    Thousands if years of tradition if the younger generation looking after the elderly still very strong in many parts of the world, perticularly Asia.
    Our courts mandate of getting rid of a parent clashes greatly with tradition.

    Odd the countries listed in the PMs G-20 in South Korea are on the list that no longer process student visas. Probably not an indication the pitch for TPP membership didn't go well.

    Btw the long term prosperity government says they are focused on...
    Ripping raw resourses out of the ground and selling them at fire sale prices is not long term. Value added is long term prosperity and they're not getting it done.