Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Wall

From Pink Floyd to Deep Purple and Smoke on the Water.
Nice to see everyone read the memo.

The Canadian government has built the wall and they are up against it. i anticipate they will likely get buried as they are in denial even with bricks falling all around them.
The lack of private investment on the Pacific Gateway trsnsformed it from PPP private public participation to PP, public only. international investors realised years ago investing in Gen U is extreme high risk. Even with the on going rejection of the Canadian TPP membership the politicians prefer the 'there is no problem defence.
They still have yet to address my accusations other than to ask the criminals to stop comitting so much crime. 
It must be obvious by now to all they have no defense against the facts or the results. So much crime they had to cook the numbers.

The wall is coming down, the smoke is on the water.

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  1. Bit of a coincedense the last G-20 side trips to sell TPP hopes are also listed as countries Canada will no longer process student visas.
    On the home front the government has gutted environmental regulations giving the PM exclusive approval authority and is quashing the Charter, with a budget bill, to gut natural resources to fund record government growth.
    No value added prosperity just get out of my way because I want another term.

    Value added and that required investment. There is no investment in value added because that would involve a high risk investment in Gen U, the result of failed federal policy.

    The wall won't defy gravity.