Thursday, May 24, 2012

No one did anything wrong.

Thats the last word from government.
No answer yet on why they cooked the crime rate.


  1. Lol never enough good news so heres a sliver
    Made the rent and child support for another month. Whoo hoo

  2. I posted this blog addy to

    facebook page. It didn't last long before they took it down. The fools still think they can bury the courts creating Gen U.

  3. Woo Hoo child support is in for another month, rent, not so much.
    the government however is in a much deeper hole.
    They gambled oil would stay $100 making liqudating raw resources a revenue genetater, and lost.
    They've rejected value added that would be booming with cheeper feed stock to gamble.
    The answer is simple. Value added requires investment, Gen U makes Canada a high risk investment.
    No justice, no investment, no value added.

  4. Alberta, another boom to bus.
    Even with storm Debbie shutting down 25% of the Gulf production oil is down over 1%.
    With no value added to utilize the now cheap feed stock the bust cycle is starting.
    Even the Edmonton Journal is pulling comment section trying not to start a panic in our grossly over valued housing market.
    Can't say they weren't warned.
    No justice No investment.

  5. Roll out another months child support and rent.
    lol km sure that disappoints more than a few.
    It appears the brilliant stoke to eliminate the crime that attracted the gangs to kept the crime rate down is a wrench in the works.
    Obviously the need to cover it up means somebody did do something wrong. The quandary arises as to how to fix the mess without getting caught up in cooking the rate.
    The truth would expidite the process but the system is quite resilient to change.
    It will change with or without accountability, Gen U is too big a deal to expect business as usual.