Friday, May 11, 2012

as we know it

Food inflation in China, EU debt, global growth in question all pushing up against the Canadian economy.
The unbalanced global economy is picking up speed and starting to wobble. Canada has sacrificed value added for the low hanging fruit. Now that Gen U is a certainty im wondering who is going to loan them a ladder.
Finding friends in the coming reality will be the true test of supporting shared parenting or supporting the distruction of the family structure.


  1. Finding friends
    The Canadian people have been lead to understand human rights was always on the diplomatic agenda.
    The Conservatives have long said the challenge to GHG was bringing China on side.
    The government has just quashed our Charter rights with a budget bill in order to bypass environmental regulations to fast track a project that will double Alberta's GHG emmisions.
    Selling ourselves as good stewards of democracy or the environment to archive TPP membership let alone influencing China has been sacrificed along with value added prosperity.
    Its going to be a hot summer.
    Just say no to Harper.

  2. BC says no to Harper

    The opposition party just polled its highest ever, higher than when elected government. The leader said no to Harper. The people didn't turn over night because we want to pay more taxes, we turned because its a full on revolt ag
    In the 1950s Premier WAC Bennett builtdamsthat powered sawmills, mining ands melting operations and value added manufacturing giving us jobs cheap electricity and lumber to build houses. Now we export concentrates, raw logs andelectricity.
    After 6 years as government Harper is trying an export pipeline as the master plan for long term prosperity. The people in BC are fully aware of the difference between a get rich scheme and value added prosperity. We had it and lost it.
    Did said no to Harper and the people loudly said no to the federal government.
    Change would be good.