Monday, August 13, 2012

one short step in a very long journey

Our difference, our advantage over the rest of the animals is our ability to communicate. The ability to pass on information to others and future generations over tens of thousands of years created the intelligence used by today's society.
The information is contained in this blog.
Communicate it.


  1. Recent feedback indicates a clarification.

    Evolution and created in Gods image are not contradictions. God's image as defined by all religious text is compassion, love thy neighbor,, all things that makes people good.
    The essence of shared parenting as discussed in this blog is not about single mothers, its about the children of divorce.
    Only 5% of single parent children become the defined problems but they make up 80% of prison inmates etc. Then problem is the with courts creating record numbers of parent denied children causing the total number that makes up the 5%. That is the single reason why Gen U was created.
    Its not motherhood that needs fixing, its the courts.
    no justice, no investment.

  2. Government epiphany?
    The situation.
    The economy, from local to global, is consumption. Consumers are at record debt levels.
    The plan.
    Export raw bitumen to maintain revenue while avoiding GHG value added industries.
    The epiphany.
    A pipeline might solve governments revenue problem but its value added that will cure that and private debt.

    Well perhaps more of a do nothing nightmare than an inspirational epiphany.

  3. Along with the epiphany comes the nightmare.
    Given the overlap the most unreasonable circumstances would have to seem reasonable compared to the nightmare that is going to get a lot worse a lot quicker. Gen U.
    Its been well over a decade since I first heard "things are getting better" and many times since. Still I would not be surprised if government became reasonable, honestly reasonable, I expect it.
    any day, any week, any year, I expect it, we all do