Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Conservative government score card

After 6 years in power.
Growing government, record growth.
Government spending, spending borrowed money at record rate.
Unfunded liability, record high.
Investor confidense, value added prosperity, record low in everything other than raw resources.
Social justice, quashing Charter rights, cooking crime rate to hide results of failed policies.
Employment rate, poor.
Youth employment, sucks to be them.
Voter turnout, majority equals 25% of eligible.
Government abuse of power, "no one did anything wrong".

Private debt, record high.
Housing equity, mortage debt from $500B to $1T.



  1. Prime Minister Harper has transfered complete authority to approve of raw resource exports including the Gateway pipeline to himself through his hand picked Cabinet.
    Starting in 2006 he made the decision to ignore lost investor confidence and the reason why in favor of using Alberta oil to stay in power.
    Now we note more gangs per capita than any place on the planet that were attracted by the highest property crime in North America, attributed to a single well documented and know by government issue, parent denied children.
    Restoring investor confidence at this late date will take more than talk. A good place to start would be to replace spoke custody with presumed joint physical custody.
    Harpers grade of D- hasn't hit bottom, although he's on track to turn Canadian power over to the left yet, (historic first) so what could it hurt to use his sole power of authority?

  2. Should read sole custody in previous, not spoke.
    A year ago winning a majority government exporting Alberta's oil must have looked like a shoe in for a second majority.

    Now that it is turning into a shoe in for the left it would seem more than appropriate to do what should have been done a decade ago.

  3. For my personal involvement government blames me for the Gen U saying I brought this on myself. lol really, I brought on the gang capital title. Well it sounds good to them but the results speak for themselves.
    I do regret upsetting people I know some to the point where this blog is nothing more than an angry rant. I might get very disgusted but never angry, anger slows the thought process down to a crawl. Not my style, if I need to explain to angry people I created this blog as educational then its the education they are angry with when they should be angry with the system that created Gen U.

  4. Just for the sake let's call thus blog an angry rant.
    The rant is about parent denied children and the courts having little is no regard, in contravention of the federal justice committee to abide by the 1999 report 'for the sake'. Intentionally denying children a parent using sole custody immorally, unconstitutionally and often legally.
    The justice industry expands while politicians gather up votes and could care less single mother families are leading the charge into poverty. Gen U is already noticeable on the street, 2015 is written in stone.
    The results are in, isn't that worth an angry rant? Of course not, but its worth getting educated.

  5. Presumed joint physical custody fitted with rules that were outlined over a decade ago is in the best interests if the child. Sole custody and a decade of slight of hand word changes to parental responsibility have lost the debate.
    Presumed joint takes the kids out of the fight which is in their best interests.
    I personally support taking the kids out of it, if you support keeping the kids in yhr fight, that sucjs.

  6. To those I have offended, I make no apology.
    Perhaps you believe children don't need fathers, the data says differently but none the less if you believe that then why wouldn't you believe children don't need mothers or not needed when breast feeding ends.
    That's what our government believes.
    Do you think its a coincidence governments plan is for 2 million early learning day care spaces matches the number of parent denied children.
    Use the courts to get ride of the father and turn the children over to the state.
    State raised children replacing the family structure,,, that's the plan all the way up to the UN.
    Follow it if you want but stop blaming me single mothers are leading the charge into poverty, its not my plan.

  7. Worth noting.
    Huge refinery fire in Venezuela putting Texas refineries into full production mode without Alberta bitumen and the Keystone pipeline.
    Government has already put itself in the strongbox with exporting raw resources as their economic action plan for Canada.
    Locks and chains around the strongbox.
    They can finally say truthfully 'no one saw this coming'.
    Gen U is going to collapse the system anyway so w g a r a

  8. Sunday 8 pm
    Gasoline futures up 4% while oil less than 1.5
    If the refinery is back up middle of the week and Isaac doesn't blow up last cat 3 pump prices might not go up and oil will be on the way down.
    Anything over $85 WTI shuts down the global economy. It has no choice but to come down, lol see it really isn't guessing or reading the cards, just good data management.

  9. Oil down 1.1% gas up 3%
    The spread has increased, pretty much the forecast probability.
    Data management global economy.
    Markets play the story driven by excess liquidity with fundamentals the base line.
    The situation with the children of divorce is pure story, no data backs up the story. It all backs up Gen U.
    If I spent my time telling you how to improve your finances rather than telling you about Gen U id be living a sweet life.
    Angry rant or an education, its all in what you want. If it isn't presumed joint physical custody then you won't get it. The story about sole custody is so far out of line with the fundamentals Gen U is coming and government knows it.
    The response "no one did anything wrong" won't stop it.

  10. Gen U, the fundamentals don't support the story. So much in fact its created the gang capital title. The misconception gangs attract crime is not true, its crime that attracts gangs.
    The government has stepped in to support the story, by cooking the crime rate to hide the results.
    The evidense, facts and data including the economic damage are contained in the blog.
    Besides economic benefits for the justice industry and votes who benefits from creating the most parent denied children in history.
    Not children, not fathers, and with single mothers leading the charge into poverty right beside the fathers its a shirt list.
    Hope you took notes, the test is coming.