Sunday, August 19, 2012

who done it

Gen U In the 1990s it was recognized that youth problems (Gen U`s parents and older siblings) were on the rise. A joint commons senate report released in 1999 called `For the Sake of the Children` put great emphasis on statistically the most important thing to a child of divorce was not losing a parent. The federal minister of justice, Anne Mclellan issued a statement that she would personally instruct the provincial AGs to abide by the report. In the years that followed not only did the courts take sole custody to its highest historical level it also flatly refused to address the historic number of parent denied children through denied access by disregarding multiple court orders. Somewhere between the federal justice committee and all the provincial courts abiding by the report as the best interests of the child there was a failure. MP Vic Toews was the Manitoba justice minister at the time but no one has asked him, was he instructed, did he instruct the courts or did the courts ignore the intent of the law? This obvious obstruction of justice, either solely or conspired, damaged literally hundreds of thousands of children creating Gen U. As 5% of single parent children make up 4 out of 5 troubled youth, prison inmates etc. increasing the number in BC from 100,000 single parent children to 300,000 has quadrupled the amount of troubled youth and the associated crime. Vancouver has the highest number of contested divorces in Canada, the highest sole custody rate and number of parent denied children. Not by any small coincidence it has the highest property crime rate in North America which has attracts the highest number of gangs per capita than any other place on the face of the planet. Because the federal government erroneous stated child support and not losing a parent is the most important thing to a child of divorce and BC collects the second highest they deny they created a huge problem, although they did respond stealthily by cooking the crime rate to hide what they have done to the parents of Gen U. The magnitude of the crime committed as weighed by the sheer damage done to the enormous amount of victims warrant criminal charges of obstruction of justice to abuse of power. Its not motherhood that needs fixing, it`s the courts... Its unfortunate the federal government is melting down over its failure to manage value added prosperity from our nature resources rather than for the crimes they have committed that have resulted in Gen U. A pipeline, really? Phoenix only needs ashes, what started the blaze in of no consequence. no justice, no investment


  1. The governments reply to the charges against it, no one did anything wrong.
    The results, gang capital, and the evidense says that's not true. Having full knowledge says there is intent to ignore the best interests of the child.
    The coming result, Gen U, is beyond deniability, but given governments priorities of avoiding taking responsibility at any cost it currently appears to blame the meltdown on resistance to their economic action plan 2012 to increase exporting more raw resources rather than addressing the real economic problem.
    Value added requires investment, Gen U is already noticeably on the street increasing investment risk in Canada.
    That gives the government no choice, better to blame environmentalists on missing budget predictions than taking responsibility for Gen U.

    The risk factor of Gen U
    Outnumbered by seniors for the first time.
    Climate change, peak oil, dealing with the real crime rate, not having this generations wealthy boomer parents but mostly single parent families that are leading the charge into poverty.
    When asked to put on the yoke and pay the bill these seniors rang up Gen U will say upurs.

  2. With Gen U starting to make an appearance on the street and government having full knowledge but only saying no one did anything wrong this discussion is winding down.
    International investors became aware of the risk to long term investments in 2000 and cut investments in everything but raw resources.
    Since 2006 it dried up completely with none now for value added, only a pipeline that has novalue added refineries, chemical plants, plastic plants and spin off manufacturing that everyone knows is the only road to long term prosperity and not a pipeline.
    Gen U was created by failed federal policies. A pipeline is the result of governments failure to correct the failed policies increasing investment risk to its unacceptable level to 'not coming back till you fix the mess' level.
    That's why government is spinning a pipeline isthe only deal on the table. Its the only one they can manage to make happen with Canada in the high risk investment category.

    I did say previously the failure to force the pipeline through BC will be the reason the feds miss their budget numbers.
    Its showing up already, lol 'BC is full of pot smoking tree huggers', ya so what!
    There's not enough profit to build a refinery in Alberta or eastern BC. lol refineries have trippled margins over the last 5 years.
    They can make all the rediculius excuses they want, fact is Canada is high risk. Would you dump hundreds of millions into Gen U saying upurs when its their turn to put on the yoke, harness up and pull the load?
    Exactly what I said 12 years ago, investing in Canada is a poor investment thanks to failed federal policies.

  3. Even though government picked the fight with me its not me they're in a fight with, its reality, Gen U.
    I have no finger prints on the failed policies that have put Canada in the high risk category. Its debatable that my actions or any shared parenting advocate had anything to do with the the lose of investor confidence in anything other than raw resources and currency speculation.
    The results are in, Gen U is coming cancelling any hope of value added investment.
    International investors were not fooled by the cooked crime rate so in desperation a pipeline is touted as the best thing since the production line. A pipeline is a bad environmental idea, a very bad economic idea and a disastrous political idea so why hang on to it. Because they don't want to admit investors are running from Gen U issues.
    A reasonable government would have by now waved the white flag and replaces sole custody with the best interests of the child, presumed joint physical custody as a sign to investors, they get it.
    They won't succeed in running from Gen U for more than a few more years. The governments tough on crime agenda can't lock up all the victims of decades of failed federal policies. If you think its badwith having by the property crime capital of north america, Gen U is coming.
    That should spell out the complete situation from failed policies, obstruction of justice, cooking the crime rate to hide the results, to selling a pipeline as some sort of economic plan including starting to blaming its failure on pot smoking tree huggers.
    The time line has gone from arrogance to denial to desperation to the realization of the coming meltdown of the entire system.
    I know it, you know it, government knows it, investors know it so why bother fixing anything.
    Catch you on the crispy side.

  4. Just to add a little more panic to governments anxiety the upstart opposition polling equal with government is backing value added industry.
    Value added is long term prosperity for all, not just government coffers. Most people know it and government has looked foolish dumping value added for a pipeline for raw export. Politically its a winner as the opposition has never been in power only holding slim bargaining power and can't be connected easily to decades of failed policy.
    Its highly likely government will defend the pipeline against value added to the end which will be for them, the next election.
    Still it won't change the time line. Gen U will still turn street age starting in 2015. When asked to put on the yoke they will say upurs and that will be the end of the system.
    Oh really lol the government has no intention if fixing anything, they would rather lose the next election than even discuss the failed programs that have caused their meltdown over lost investor confidence let along fix them.
    It must be obvious government does not care if the system melts down. If you're not part of the system or support it you are the enemy.
    lol with the governments attitude the people serve at the will of government and 75% of us are the enemy, don't we deserve what we get for not going down on our knees.
    "no one did anything wrong". lol ya right read the evidense.
    lol tell me where I've added things wrong.