Monday, December 24, 2012

But First The Conclusion

The government will continue to deny even though all the info in my blog is public information.
They are already saying there is no problem, no one did anything wrong.
 Two crime titles in two years (intentionally omitted in the crime rate) followed by a child poverty record and no one did anything wrong......
I doesn't matter if everyone knows its a complete lie, its government, deny deny deny. Between now and 2020 Gen U will be impossible to deny, but.
My guess is the government will try, "no one saw this coming". Fifteen years since the report 'for the sake of the children' and what they saw was, the revenue from child support is far more important to the next election than to the next generation.
Using the numbers of single mothers on welfare and the amount of child support paid it could be as much as one quarter of a billion dollars annually, just from British Columbia with a population of 4.4 million and still single mother families are leading the charge into poverty.
There hasn't been such a brutal oppressive tax on fathers and their children in any civilised society since the dark ages.
Government says child support is for
the children, they said child support is the most important thing to a child of divorce yet its just a tax added to revenue. They say fathers should pay for their children yet the family doesn't get a dime of it. Government knows the higher the % of child support collected the higher youth problems, they know its failed our children but not their coffers.
Even with the start of governments denial they created Gen U don't expect any change. The global economy is failing because its based on colonial economics. I've put a global transportation makeover on the table as at least some future hope for Gen U. If governments are willing to let us slide closer to WW 3 then we can certainly assume the future of Gen U is of no interest.
Thats it for my reporting on the situation, now that you've read the conclusion you should quit reading, the rest is just ugly truth.


  1. I'll update the links next time I'm at a PC.
    Referring to the same disaster I've documented as Gen U last week the UK minister in charge claimed the government has been kept in the dark by family court. This week another minister threw feminism under the bus over the same issue. The UK government is in full retreat to plausible deniability but its undeniable.
    Sole custody is a global scam engineered, initiated and controlled by government and its unravelling a little sooner than I anticipated. I didn't imagine getting to the finger pointing till 2015 with Canada delaying till 2018.

  2. Here in western Canada the latest poll put confidense in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had dropped to one third of the public.
    During a Christmas charity event various groups manned the donation kettle. Fireman did well, RCMP came up empty.
    I wrote to an RCMP member I met during my hunger strike last year.
    I reminded him that over the decades hundreds of thousands of fathers included the RCMP in their complaint about access.
    Fathers in BC are well connected, we work side by side with industries that change. We network face to face. A big topic is how so and so got screwed and how the police joke about it.
    That antsgonisim is passed on and kept alive by more of the same until a little bad press unities fathers, their friends and the father's side of the family.
    On the bright side it'll be a long time before they see a third again. Gen U is coming

  3. While its nice to see the interest in my blog by the authorities I have to chuckle at the obvious response. No one did anything wrong, lol yes we know that's how the system works, that's what this blog is about, how the system works.
    While we don't need the explanation, gender bias, tax bias, Madonna complex or judges using an abundance of caution, the fact is the system created Generation Upurs and we want to know how the government plans to deal with it. Over ten years ago using current information and data I predicted we will be raising a generation of homicidal youths. Now we have a gang capital title, close enough Ive been told. Gen U is very real, very big and its going to be very bad.

    Its really that simple, what is the plan for the victims, Gen U?
    Bigger prisons or ???

  4. update links. from first comment, under the bus.