Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A new record high poverty report puts 80% of children in poverty living in Vancouver BC, along with 2 crime titles in 2 years the evidense is undeniable.
Sole custody is a tax grab.

The government is raising revenue on the backs of the most vulnerable children.
In 1990 the federal government voted unanimously to end child poverty by 2000. It was was worse in 2000 which was followed up with record sole custody child support decisions, because of that its again worse now.
The revenue government is raising to fund other spending is child support collected. Every single parent on welfare must sign over child support rights to government which collects and spends it.
The common arguement is fathers should pay for their children, no arguement. Should they support a social safty net funded by all tax payers that they presumably pay to improve the child's life, arguably not.
However the government feels its revenue is so important it allows the collection agency to ignore the law. It is so important that family court rules sole custody and the tax in 100% of custody cases with welfare involved, excluding homicidial drug addicts. The government uses sole custody to generate revenue but hides it by claiming it for the children yet they don't get a single dime extra. Its rubber stamped from the first hearing, taxable.
Family court has nothing to do with the best interests of the child, its all about generated revenue on the backs of the most vunerable children as per new poverty report.
The amount the government collects is staggering, BC collects a top % of child support owed. The amount collected from our population of 3 million is in the 10s of millions,,, every month.
Gender based sole custody isnt womens empowerment, its leading the charge into poverty. The government has done an excellent job convincing women poverty is the new empowerment.
Its all about the tax man and not about the children.
It is what it is but it ain't my is which is why I decided there is enough evidense of this immoral behavior and I need not collect more..
It will not matter how much government plans on spending or how much it dreams it can spend to control the results, it won't be near enough. Gen U will settle the issue by 2020.
With that I wish you all good luck avoiding the consequences.


  1. Generation Upurs
    From record high single parent families and not wealthy boomers as current they will be faced with challenges our current crop would say no way.
    Climate change and peak oil, together. From the wealth gap to child poverty to chronic youth unemployment seniors will soon out number youth. The downward trend hasn't favored any hope for improvement.
    Turning street age in 2015 the current record high personal debt puts them at a disadvantage and public debt will fall on their shoulders.
    After being taxed into poverty as children when the tax man tells Gen U its their turn to put on the yoke they will say upurs.

  2. Child support is for the children, no its a tax and poverty isn't empowering women.
    Sole custody is needed to protect mothers and their children, no fathers need to be demonized so any complaints about this tax grab will not be heard.
    I've included just one instance of how fathers are shut out so as not to interrupt the governments flow of revenue so that the next time tainted issues come up consider the source.
    The divorce act works the way it does because that's the way government wants it to work.
    gl all