Sunday, December 9, 2012

In closing I leave my children with this.

I know right now my kids aren't thinking about why they had to grow up without their father.
Its unlikely that their mothers explanation, I should have had a better lawyer, makes any sense to them. I certainly don't see how such a huge impact should even be placed in the hands of a lawyer let alone be decided by one, and I doubt they do.
I can assure my children it has nothing to do with my abilities to continue to do my job as father.
It certainly has nothing to do with having a better lawyer.
In BC as in most jurisdictions globally, if you are applying to the courts for custody through state subsidies for a legal aid lawyer you must sign over your child support rights to the state.
Any child support paid by the non custodial parent is collected and retained by the state.
Simply put it means give your mother sole custody and tax me.
I couldn't be your father so I filled my time finding out why the court ignored its principle mandate of the best interests of the child. Its done.
It was rubber stamped from the beginning, sole custody and tax, as is all the 10s of thousands of others.

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  1. Ever wonder why the courts rule only 1 in10 fathers are good enough to be a father after separation?
    Because the courts rule 9 out of 10 are good enough to tax.
    Sole custody is a tax grab.