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Its politics as usual.



As usual MSM and the politicians, and government agencies have found this report on child poverty to damning. Even with the leadership races and elections going on this very real issue has been blacked out. Not even a reply or comment, Dr. Millar.


Dr. John Millar, spokesman for the Public Health Association of B.C. and a First Call member, said British Columbia's lack of a co-ordinated and dedicated strategy to reduce child poverty is a "disgrace."



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Quebec tied BC in child poverty but collects the highest % of child support with BC in second.
Although statscan doesn't count it because they don't want the numbers driving the crime rate, BC has the highest property crime rate in NA. This had attracted the highest number of gangs anywhere in the planet.
Curiously enough BC also has the highest sole custody rate with the highest number of parent denied children. Single patent families as the study suggests are leading the charge into poverty.
Perhaps if the province didn't collect and retain as revenue all child support paid to single parents on welfare.
I'm not aware of the extra allowed income for welfare recipients but I'm sure child support won't be included, its difficult for any government to give up revenue.

All the information and more is publicly available and on my blog.
Robert Smith
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Too many Robert Smiths - how do I find your blog? Cheers John



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To: John Millar

Gday John

Like any blog starting from the oldest post works best.
I can sum up the information that should interest you the most.
Single parent families are leading the charge into poverty. Its no surprise that the highest some custody rate with the highest number of parent denied children has already given Vancouver 2 crime titles but 80% of children in poverty in BC live in Vancouver.

If you care to dig you'll find that the sole custody rate for mothers on welfare, excluding homicidal drug addicts is 100%.
The father is automatically paying child support. The catch, the mother's are forced to sign over the rights to child support to the province before they get a check.
The father is now paying an extra tax as its considered revenue, the children shows lives are supposed to be improved by child support never see a dime extra.

The governments of Canada are using sole custody to generate revenue, its a tax grab, on the backs of the most vulnerable children.

I have listed the criminal charges I feel appropriate.

Robert Smith


  1. Update on feeding the worlds hungry.
    A decade ago a global tax of .1% on all financial transactions or 10 cents on a $100 meal would feed the worlds hungry.
    The flow of excess liquidly today, even with commodity price increases, conservatively reduce the aggregate to .05%.
    The world needs jobs and is capable of creating more jobs than workers, especially healthy workers.

  2. Today the BC government effected changes to the family law act. As the changes will have no positive affect other than plausible deniability to counter Gen U with, "we've been improving family law", it also now serves the final purpose of this blog. Insurance to make sure they don't get away with knowingly and intentionally creating Gen U.
    While it will now be a criminal offence to raise your voice if you're denied access to your children there is no penalty or even mention of false sligations intended to deny the children a parent. As this is a favorite tool of the justice industry in denying a child a parent look for it to spike to counter the implyed but never followed changes,,, while we wait for Gen U to turn street age.
    This view is a few years ahead but like the irony of only the 1% left to pay the governments bills (Cyprus) it will happen.

  3. Addendum to report on child poverty shows 50% of aboriginal children living in poverty.
    Substandard living conditions on reserves does require more public pressure through msm but the so do the 80% of children living in poverty in the city of Vancouver.
    Its it intentional abandonment by msm or orders from their masters not to include the bulk of revenue from using sole custody as a tax generator that creates the bulk of child poverty in Vancouver.
    Trading the truth for political ad revenue, on the integrity scale that might not sink into criminality by law but certainly well into the cowardly range.
    Even before the provincial governments manufacture an opponent they are already manufacturing blaming the federal government for child poverty caused by substand living conditions on first nations reserves and not the bulk that live in cities.
    It seems unconscionable msm would deliberately abandone the majority of children living in poverty just to serve their political masters for a few gold coins.
    No need to manufacture an opponent, Gen U will call you on child poverty, not msm or politicians or the justice system.
    Why oppose a change you can't change.
    I did not receive any remuneration for this news release, I have not sold out, I am still standing.
    If you're on your knees, first lift your head, your body will follow.

  4. BC is a top paid child support at 85%.
    BC government pockets a top amount of child support collected.
    Not much else to say.

    VICTORIA -- British Columbia has the highest child poverty rate in Canada, with one in five kids considered statistically