Sunday, February 3, 2013

are we there yet

This blog is really all about the kids and their future.
Their future isn't good enough.
With tens of trillions in excess liquidity in the global financial system coupled with unsustainable debt the outcome could be WW3 but even the best if possible outcomes isn't acceptable.
Just a portion returned to assets as a hedge against inflation could well jump to hyper.
Long term secure investment is the growth factor required to create enough inflation to bail out sovereign debt without putting consumers to death, (tax payer).
That investment needs to be as big as a global transportation makeover.
Gen U is coming so the choice is continue with 'no one did anything wrong' until forced to be accountable?
Hyper inflation WW3?
Global transportation makeover that will move the planet into the future?
Another election?

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  1. Its not often when everything lines up to create a historic global event. Several come to mind and even tracking the chance current sovereign debt will lead to WW3 isn't difficult to ballpark.
    Gen U is based on decades of information, basic stuff.
    The oddest possibility is debt is or possibly already has bankrupted the populous leaving the 1% with the bill.
    I find this odd as the 1% influence who gets into office, which holds little promise as governments get even more revenue desperate.
    From taxes in France to tax the wealthy America big money must know they have ATM stamped on their assets with goverent holding the card.
    I have been anticipating some sort of move by the 1% to push government to fuel growth with sustainable jobs and not borrowed money. Its already a big bill with the wealth/wage gap steadily growing to the busting point.
    The 1% left to pay the bill would be one of those ever lasting moments, so would a push to get government busy. Hard to say yet if either will happen but things are lined up.
    Enjoy the show.