Friday, February 1, 2013

Warning, species at risk.

Its time to answer, are you human.

I might have an axe to grind.

As a polio child my grade 8 hand writing made it easier to be a logger at 50 kilos and 15 years old than passing English. Starting out on a wooden tree and heel boom show until I was old enough to lie about my age and work underground to surface construction I was determined to be good enough at as many jobs as I could. lol I suspect so Id never have to go back to school and suffer through another english class.

In the middle of all the physical labour I took a crash trig course and landed a spot in the underground surveyor dept. I eventually set up and ran an engineering dept until the property was just shy of production. I had it in mind to finish my career supervising jobs following successful rock super jobs with three 4 lane highway construction jobs and the port of prince rupert expansion in 1989.

I did it by slowing down to a 60 hr work week only when my body was desperate for a rest. The completion of the sea to sky project would have been my official retirement.

As it turns out I cant afford to even grow old so I haven't wasted much time on retirement planning other than a warm beach after all the years of pain it took to even be assured of a little warmth.

Do I have an axe to grind?

Gen U will not be hidden.

At that time a list of perpetrators and their connection to the abuse that has lead to the first few blog posts will be released.

Do you want me to release it,,,,,,Determining whether im grinding or grindingly human is your answer.


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  1. I have 2018 in mind for government to go down with a failed attempt to avoid responsablity for Gen U or, WW3 or, well under way with a program like mag lev to as the fix.
    We all have a choice and a voice, you've heard mine.