Saturday, October 26, 2013

Children of divorce, 15 years of research.


Fathers rights groups claim the 87% sole custody rate to the mother is proof the courts are gender bias. If there is even a whiff the government will be the recipient of child support it goes from 87% to 100% proving the courts are not gender bias, they are tax bias.

The government has been clawing back child support claiming it as their revenue with 0 regard for the best interests of the child. The results are 2009, property crime record, 2010 gangs per capita record, 2011 child poverty record, 2012 dismal report on youth mental health all caused by our deadbeat governments greed for gold. On a global scale Canada is by far the worst offender with BC the worst of the worst.

Its undeniable and as the facts presented warrant the criminal charges listed.

no justice, no investment



  1. The newly minted mayor of Montreal has the support of only 1 in 8 eligible voters while 7 out of 10 refused to authorize more of the same with a vote and voted none of the above. I suspect most couldn't hold their noses long enough to vote for a suspect in the proceeds of the burglary of the national treasury tagged adscam.
    The massive none of the above vote has not caused a ripple in the media even though 1 in 8 cant include labor or students. That will bring about a new height to public displays of angst toward government should the usual heavy handed arrogance continue.
    Leave it up to the french to hold true to off with their head heritage by voting none of the above..

  2. Full tilt insanity.
    Pushed by the latest report pegging air pollution as 9 times more toxic than second hand cigarette smoke BC and Alberta have reached an agreement on shipping bitumen to China.
    Speaking as the minister of environment Peter Kent said value added industry is a no go citing pushing GHG targets to unachievable levels. There was no explanation as to how multiplying GHG by moving it half way around the world to unregulated industries is better than regulated value added industry right next to the source and the best customers in the world. We ship it to China and the trade winds dump the multiplied pollution right back on the western half of NA.... insanity. Its not about shutting down the energy industry or jobs, its about shutting down the pollution with pollution regulated value added industry that will create jobs. Its not about parking our cars its about converting it to energy in steam turbine bunker style burners with 0 emission scrubbers that would run a mag lev system for decades after we hit peak oil using gasoline engines.
    The sum total of our economic action plan is a pipeline that only requires a sales pitch and a rubber stamp. Alberta has been exporting bitumen for decades and is still running a deficit giving them the title of the longest running government instant gratification legislation in Canadian history with BC and Quebec tied for bulling our children out of their lunch money, all thanks to the feds do nothing policy.
    Its the result of a dysfunction system, I said a decade ago government was broken by corruption.
    I noted over a decade ago we would be dealing with a very hefty increase in youth problems. I noted a decade ago child support was for the government collected as a tax on non custodial parents, the NCP Tax. I was not wrong.
    I noted in 2005 in a decade Gen U will turn street age, I say now multiplying pollution with under the current economic plan is not a plan its insanity. I am not wrong.
    Apathy is wanting to live the life you are told to live.
    Social genocide is not being able to live the life you are told to live.
    After writing about the children of divorce for over a decade and no seeing the results and no change in governments greed for gold, I have no intention of writing about the insanity of governments instant gratification of dumping raw resources, so I leave yall with this.

    live on your knees or die on your feet,
    lift your head your body will follow

  3. A few years ago Surrey BC reduced the crime rate 30% by selective accounting. This year has already hit record murder numbers but according to the chefs that cooked the crime rate, this year is an anomaly.
    The jokes keep coming but no one is laughing.
    Crime, gangs and child poverty record numbers are the result of drugs so says the chefs. Drug abuse by youth is the result of poor parenting but who are the parents. Mothers outnumber fathers in BC 2 to 1 with 5% of single parent children making up 80% of crime.
    I personally objected to government blaming fathers in the past with made up accusations and I object to government blaming poor parenting of which mothers are the majority.
    Youth problems, record crime gang and mental health issues are mainly the result of poverty and its the governments clawback of child support thats created Gen U and not motherhood.


  4. The overflowing crowd attending the public meeting last night on pervasive crime in the Surrey burb of Newton came away sold on the feel good notion 'prevention' tops the list by adding bike patrols. The first link takes us back to 2005 when authorities had the same discussion on crime.
    The second link exposes why the crime rate has reportedly dropped to 1973 levels while actual crime is at record highs.
    In the middle Mayor Watts was bragging about the astronomical drop in the 'crime rate',, busted.
    btw this is part of the information I used to predict Gen U turning street age in 2015. Another peice was the child poverty rate hitting 1 in 7 in 2011 and now a total disaster in the works at 1 in 5.

    November 18, 2005

    researchers at the University College of the Fraser Valley and Simon Fraser University
    According to the study, which was paid for by the RCMP, the number of police officers in B.C. has kept pace with population growth over the past 40 years.
    But during that same period, the number of reported crimes has increased seven-fold -- due in large part to a dramatic increase in property crime.
    Asked whether the increase in crime is due to people reporting offences Plecas disagreed -- saying survey data suggest people are less likely to report crime today than they did previously.

    àà No data on who is committing what kinds of crimes;

    àà A model that inappropriately minimizes the volume (and thus the rate) of crime;

    àà Data on and explanations of unreported and unsolved crimes are receiving

    less attention;

    àà Historical data that would allow effective comparisons of crime rates over

    time have been eliminated;

    àà Data on the volume of crime have repeatedly and inexplicably been altered


    àà Most serious incident reporting and other defects in the Juristat report deny

    us vital information about how much crime is committed by those who have

    already had contact with the system including those on probation, bail or

    conditional release, information vital to assessing existing rehabilitation and

    deterrence measures.